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kane county nursing home neglect lawyerChoosing to move an elderly family member into a skilled nursing facility can be difficult. This decision is often made out of concern for the senior’s safety. When a person can no longer live at home because they are no longer able to care for themselves, or because their care has become overwhelming for family members, placement in a nursing home may be the best option. Nursing home residents are supposed to be cared for in a safe environment by skilled, concerned caregivers. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes are of equal quality. There are a few known telltale signs that a particular nursing home may not be the best place for vulnerable elderly people. If you notice several of these signs in the nursing home that is caring for your loved one, you may want to do a little more digging to find out whether they have been receiving the appropriate care. If you find that they may have been harmed by a negligent nursing home, you may want to speak to an attorney. 

Nursing Home Red Flags to be Aware of

When you are visiting your family member or speaking to their care team, these signs may be a signal that something is wrong. Signs of an unsafe nursing home include: 

  • Understaffing - When a nursing home does not have enough caregivers present to adequately meet all of the resident’s needs, important issues can fall through the cracks and your family member may not be receiving all the care and attention they need. Understaffing is a major problem at this time due in part to a shortage of nurses. 

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kane county car accident lawyerRight after you have been hurt in a car accident, you are left with the unenviable task of battling an insurance company or other liable party trying to get the compensation you need. You can be almost certain that the insurance company will be recording every phone call and ready to use your words against you in any way they can. It is very easy to inadvertently provide them with a sound byte that could hurt your case. These profit-driven companies are not above taking something out of context if it could save them money on a settlement. This is one of the big reasons why conversations with insurance companies are best handled by a lawyer. If all you need to say is, “please contact my attorney,” then there is little chance of having your well-intentioned words thrown back in your face. 

Phrases You Should Never Say to a Car Insurance Company

In general, you will want to avoid saying anything that could possibly be interpreted in a way that reduces the other driver’s liability. Even innocuous phrases can be twisted here. You will need to carefully avoid saying things like: 

  • “Sorry” - After an accident involving another driver, it is tempting for some people to apologize to the at-fault driver out of an abundance of politeness. While you - and everyone else - would readily be able to tell that you meant, “it is unfortunate that you were injured,” an insurance company may try to construe it as though you were apologizing for causing the accident. 

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kane county car crash lawyerRear-end collisions can be exceptionally jarring. You probably never saw the impact coming when you were hit from behind. You may have had no chance to brace yourself or get out of the way. The injuries commonly caused by a rear-end collision can include whiplash, back injuries and head injuries, which can be serious. Rear-end collisions are likely the most common type of car accident. In Illinois, there is a legal presumption that the driver behind is at fault in a rear-end collision. The front driver can be at fault in rare instances, but for the most part, the driver who hit you from behind is going to be liable. If you were injured in a rear-end collision, you may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer can help you understand your rights. 

Common Excuses From At-Fault Drivers After a Rear-End Crash

Drivers love to make excuses after rear-ending someone. If the responsible driver got out of his car after the accident and went off on you as if this was your fault, your experience is not unique. Some of the most common reasons and excuses at-fault drivers give - and why they do not get them off the hook - include: 

  • The weather did it. - If it was raining, snowing, foggy, or icy when your accident happened, you more likely than not had to listen to the driver who hit you attempt to blame the weather. However, drivers are responsible for adjusting their driving technique based on the weather they are in. In fog or low-visibility conditions, drivers should increase their following distance just in case the driver ahead of them stops quickly. In rain, snow, or otherwise slippery conditions, drivers should realize that it will take longer to stop their vehicle and start braking well in advance. 

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Kane County Slip and Fall Accident Injury LawyerThere are certain safety standards that staircases should comply with, whether in residential buildings or in public places. Staircases can be dangerous when they are not kept in a reasonably safe condition. Things like having enough lighting and handrails are some of the most basic steps that a premises owner or manager should take to ensure that people are able to get up and down the stairs safely. When these very reasonable safety standards are violated, the likelihood that someone will suffer a serious fall, slip, or trip, skyrockets. If you were injured when you fell on a staircase, you may have a strong claim against the party who is liable for the safety of those on their premises. An attorney can help guide your next steps. 

The Most Common Hazards That Cause Falls on Stairs

While people can fall down even the best-designed staircase, serious staircase accidents are often caused by the premises owner’s failure to use reasonable precautions. Some common safety issues on staircases include: 

  • No handrails - A lot of people rely on handrails to help them keep their balance on a staircase. They are also necessary so that people can grab them to steady themselves if they begin to lose their balance. 

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aurora personal injury attorneyAfter you get hit by a negligent driver, you are likely to get a call from their insurance company fairly soon. The insurance company will make you a settlement offer. It will sound like a good offer, but it rarely is. Insurance companies do not count or consider every financial loss you will suffer as a result of your car accident. Their goal is to get you to accept a settlement that does not come close to fully compensating you. Before you think about accepting a settlement, it is important that you take the time to add up every expense and loss associated with the crash. You are likely to find that your claim is worth much more than you are being offered. Our experienced lawyers can help you determine the total amount that you deserve. 

What Costs Can I Recover After a Car Accident?

The types of damages you could recover after a car crash are much more numerous and varied than you might expect. A car accident injury can cause lasting damage for many. When calculating your total financial loss as a result of the crash, make sure to factor in not just your ER bill and the cost of your car, but also: 

  • Lost wages - Very few people go back to work the day after an accident. Odds are, you had to take time off of work to recover from your injuries. Your lost wages may be compensable. If your injuries were very serious and disabling, you may have even had to change careers or stop working altogether. Your lost future earnings can also be included.

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