Tongue Stimulation Study to Examine Efficacy on Traumatic Brain Injury Sufferers

Kane County personal injury attorneysMore than half of all traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are the result of a traffic accident. A startling portion of those individuals suffer long-term complications, including memory loss, confusion, poor concentration, and even balance problems. A new experimental therapy is hoping to help those who suffer from residual TBI symptoms, particularly those that have continued balance problems.

Therapy Already Found Fairly Successful in MS Patients

Otherwise known as Portable Neuromodulation Stimulation, the therapy is a non-invasive technique that uses a mouthpiece containing 143 different electrodes. Used in a double-blind study of 14 MS patients who suffered from gait and/or balance, the device was used during intense, 20-minute guided physiotherapy sessions over the course of 14 weeks. Results showed that all participants had improved, but those in the “active” group reportedly had improvements that were not seen in patients from the study’s control group. Researchers, who were tentative to claim this as a positive or affirmative result, have decided to expand testing to include those who have suffered from TBI and experience balance and/or gait issues.

How the Therapy Works

According to the scientists behind the therapy, the tongue is directly connected to the brain stem through the fifth and seventh cranial nerves. And, because the brain stem is believed to have a diffuse effect over the whole brain, connections from the stem are thought to expand to the rest of the brain. So, in short, the thought is that stimulating the tongue can therefore stimulate the brain and improve cognition. Of course, the results are preliminary, and it will likely be a long time before the therapy is widely available to TBI sufferers, but scientists are optimistic that there may finally be some hope for those that suffer from balance issues but have not responded well to physiotherapy.

Accident-Related TBI? Our Attorneys Can Help

If you or someone you love has suffered from a traumatic brain injury because of an automobile accident, work-related injury, or a construction accident, you may be due compensation. Unfortunately, the process is exceedingly complex and often stacked against victims. The insurance companies know this and, rather than offer a fair settlement, they pressure victims and their families into a settling for less than they deserve.  

At Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur P.C., we understand the physical, financial, and emotional toll that an auto accident can have on your life. Backed by more than a century of combined experience in helping victims achieve justice, we will fight aggressively for your rights and pursue the kind of settlement that you and your family deserve. Schedule your free initial consultation with an advocate you can trust. Call 630-907-0909 and speak with our experienced Aurora, Illinois traumatic brain injury attorneys today.




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