The Long Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

IL injury lawyerAbuse as a negative effect on others no matter their age. However, due to children still learning and developing, sexual abuse especially can have long term effects on victims. Children cannot consent to sexual acts. In Illinois, if the offender has power over the minor, the age of consent is 18-years-old. The assault of a consenting adult is still a crime, but when the victim is a child, more is at stake.

More than four children die every day in the United States because of abuse. The majority of these children are under the age of three. When it comes to sexual abuse, one in three girls and one in five boys will be subject to sexual abuse before the age of 18. Incidents of strangers abusing children are more isolated, and 90% of all child sexual abuse is done by a known person to a child. The most likely offenders are family members.

There are many symptoms a person can face after being sexually abused as a child. Some of these effects can be seen right away, but others may manifest later in life and continue to impact a child victim. An adult who faced sexual abuse as a child may face these things in their life after the fact.

Neurological Development: From an early age, a child’s brain development depends on their genetics and environment. Things like nutrition, social interaction, and early education form a child as they develop. When a child experiences trauma, their body adapts to the stress. When it comes to the brain, this can affect a person’s ability to learn or their personality.

Psychological Disorders: Anyone who goes through a traumatic in their life may face mental illness after trauma. For a victim of child sexual abuse, these develop during the abuse if it is ongoing, soon after, or later in a victim's life after they process it as an adult. 80% of young adults who have experienced sexual abuse of a child develop at least one mental disorder.

Disorders developed because of trauma include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Although treatment may help reduce symptoms, mental disorders are often a lifetime struggle.

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A child has the right to a safe environment. When a person in their life causes sexual trauma, the victim deserves to be compensated for their pain and suffering. Contact an experienced and compassionate Kane County attorney for victims of sexual abuse. Our team at Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur P.C. has over 30 years of helping victims of child sexual abuse. Call our office at 630-907-0909 to schedule a free consultation.



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