What Is Considered a Premises Liability Accident?

 Posted on November 23,2019 in Personal Injury

IL accident lawyerGetting injured at home would not likely result in a personal injury case. However, if a person got hurt in the home of someone else, or another public or private property, they may have a case if there was negligence on the land owner’s part. A premise accident is when a property owner has legal responsibility for an accident that happens due to neglecting to provide a safe environment.

Negligence when it comes to premise accidents has to do with a lack of action on the part of the property owner. For invited parties, property owners must keep a standard of care in maintaining safety. An accident can happen anywhere, but it does not necessarily mean someone is liable. These circumstances involving negligence are considered premise accidents.

  • Slipping on ice: A safe property in the summer can turn into a danger zone come winter. Snow and rain will freeze to surfaces during the coldest times of the year. Even a person wearing snow boots may succumb to the icy footing. It is a property owner’s responsibility to make sure it is reasonably safe to walk on the property. Salt or sand can help create a more secure footing on stairs and other outdoor spaces. Slipping on ice can lead to a variety of injuries after a fall.
  • Getting bit by an animal: We love our pets, but they may get defensive when faced with a new situation or person. If a person was not causing a treat to a family pet, then the owner may be liable for the animal’s behavior. Getting bit by a dog can lead to several health problems including infection. Especially if the dog has a history of violent behavior, the owner will be held liable.
  • Drowning in a pool: Swimming pools are a great addition to a home or a fun place for the whole family during the summer. However, they do pose risks if not supervised or maintained. If there is damage to the pool’s structure and someone slips and drowns, the pool owner may be liable for not fixing the issue. Pools should be marked with no diving signs when appropriate to avoid confusion as well. A person may dive in shallow water, and if the water debt was not made clear, the accident could have been avoided.

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