Winter Weather Safety: Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls on Ice and Snow

 Posted on January 21,2016 in Personal Injury

slips and falls in winter, Aurora premises liability lawyerAt least two people in Illinois recently experienced an injury because of slick, snowy, or icy outdoor surfaces. Sadly, it is an all-too common issue each winter. In fact, at least one-third of all workers’ compensation claims during the winter months are attributed to slips or falls on ice or snow; this does not even begin to account for premises liability incidents of non-employees. Keep yourself safe an accident-free the remainder of the winter season with the following tips on preventing slips, trips, and falls on ice or snow.

Wear the Right Gear

When outdoor surfaces are slick, opt for shoes or boots with rough textures, such as waffling or ridging. If dress shoes are necessary for work or an event, change into them once you are indoors and no longer at risk of falling on icy or snowy surfaces. Additionally, it is important to remember to clean your shoes before walking indoors; caked-on ice or snow can become hazardous on non-carpeted indoor surfaces.

Walk with Care

Whenever outside, concentrate on the path in front of you. Watch carefully for areas concealed by wet leaves, proceed with caution when you notice sudden changes in surface (grass to concrete, for example), and always walk around snow banks or areas that appear icy. And, even if the area you are walking in appears to be clear, walk with slower, smaller steps; this can greatly reduce your risk of slipping if an unexpected patch of ice or snow is found.

Entrances and Exits

Entrances can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are unable to see the surface on the other side of a door ahead of time. Always proceed with caution, stopping to check the area in front of you carefully and identify any potential risks before stepping forward (i.e. moving from outside to a tile surface or a patch of ice on the sidewalk outside). Also, use handrails on stairways and entryways whenever they are made available to you.

When Slips, Trips, or Falls Happen

Not all slips, trips, or falls can be prevented. Sometimes, they are simply accidents. Others, they may be due to negligent upkeep or maintenance of a lot, sidewalk, or entryway. If you fall and are seriously injured because of this negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important, however, that you seek qualified and professional assistance; such cases are often difficult to prove and must be handled in an effective and appropriate manner.

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