Understanding Social Host Liability in Illinois

 Posted on August 28,2021 in Personal Injury

IL injury lawyerAs young adults begin taking part in dangerous activities such as underage drinking, many parents may believe the safer route is to allow their minor teenager and their friends to drink at their homes. However, these parents, along with other parties who willingly provide alcohol to minors, should understand the persisting risks of underage drinking. In the event of serious injury or death, Illinois law allows for the adult who provided the alcohol or drugs to be held responsible.

Drug or Alcohol Impaired Minor Responsibility Act

In 2004, Illinois passed a law that placed significant responsibility onto individuals who supply alcohol and drugs to minors. Specifically, under the Drug or Alcohol Impaired Minor Responsibility Act, when an intoxicated individual under the age of 18 seriously harms another person or property or is harmed themselves as a result of the alcohol consumption, the adult who provided the minor with the drugs or alcohol may be held liable. In regard to this act, the adult is considered the social host.

Many people may be familiar with dram shop laws that exist throughout the country and place responsibility on alcohol sellers, such as bars or liquor stores. On the other hand, any person who supplies alcoholic beverages to underage guests who go on to injure a third party while intoxicated may be imposed with social host liability.

Social host liability may arise in instances where teenagers are supplied alcohol at a friend’s house, drive home intoxicated, and cause a serious car accident. In other instances, young drinkers may be seriously harmed by the amount of alcohol consumed at a party, resulting in hospitalization and even fatalities.

Recovering Damages in a Social Host Liability Case

When an intoxicated minor injures a third party or a minor is harmed due to their intoxication, social liability can be imposed on any individual who supplied the minor with alcohol, including homeowners and property renters.

Victims who have lost loved ones due to an adult supplying a minor with alcohol or drugs should be aware of options that may be available to adequately hold the negligent adult responsible. Adults in Illinois who provide drugs and alcohol to minors may be liable for injuries, death, and property resulting from the minor’s impairment. Both economic and non-economic damages are allowed under the Act if applicable.

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