Verdicts and Settlements

Rebuilding Lives for Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Clients

Verdicts and settlements are an important reflection of justice. They represent the power of advocacy and the capacity of the jury to know the truth. Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur P.C. is committed to the triumph of right over wrong, of safety over profits and of human dignity over corporate indifference. Below are only some of the brave people whose struggles have been our struggles and with whom we have been honored to stand and fight.

Personal Injury - Medical Negligence - Wrongful Death

$24 million cumulative settlements for children sexually abused at residential institution (Kane County record high).

$13.4 million verdict for young man paralyzed in car accident (Kendall County record high).

$9.5 million for the death of a 74 year old husband and injuries to his 72 year old wife following an automobile accident.

$7.7 million verdict for the family of a 40 year old woman who died from a thiamine deficiency following gastric bypass surgery.

Confidential life-changing award for a construction worker who suffered brain damage after being struck by a train.

$6 million for for 63-year-old woman who developed paraplegia following delay in diagnosis of thoracic spine infection (Kane County record high).

$5 million for 7-year-old girl who suffered brain damage and cerebral palsy from delayed cesarean section (Kane County record high).

$3.4 million verdict for family of 47-year-old father who died from undiagnosed aortic dissection (Will County record high).

$3 million for 34-year-old unmarried man seriously and permanently injured by medical negligence.

$2.5 million for wife and children of a 46-year-old father run over by a truck he was directing at a construction site.

$2.4 million for 47 year old woman who suffered permanent back injuries from tripping over defective carpet tiles made by a large carpet manufacturer.

$2 million verdict for 57-year-old woman injured at Cook County race track when knocked to the floor of the grandstand by patrons frightened after shot from dropped handgun.

$2 million policy limits recovery for death of 63 year old retired teacher who was murdered after her maid service disclosed her cleaning schedule to an estranged boy friend against whom she had obtained a protective order.

$1.5 million verdict for 40-year-old man who injured his back in a supermarket fall.

$1.5 million for family of high school student whose suicide death in psychiatric ward resulted from medical negligence.

$1.5 million for wife and adult daughters of 60-year-old man with a family history of thromboembolism who died of a blood clot following ankle reconstruction surgery (Kane Country record high for podiatric malpractice).

$1.5 million for a man injured in a motor vehicle collision in Yorkville.

$1.25 million for father and daughter seriously injured after being struck from behind by a semi-tractor trailer on I-80.

$1.23 million in Kane County on behalf of the parents and sibling of an unmarried 16-year-old who died in an automobile accident.

$1.1 million for family whose 68-year-old mother and 67-year-old father were killed in Indiana when oncoming car crossed the center line (insurance limits paid).

$1.05 million for family of 24-year-old unmarried woman who died in intersectional car accident.

$1 million policy limits recovery for 30 year old man who sustained brain damage in motor vehicle accident.

$975,000 for 58-year-old man who injured his wrist and shoulder in truck accident.

$903,000 verdict for 63 year old man injured in automobile accident in Plato Township. The verdict was more than nine times the insurance coverage exposing State Farm to a bad faith claim. (One of the largest excess verdicts in Kane County.)

$900,000 in Kane County on behalf of a 52-year-old who lost his spleen, sustained an elbow injury (twice operated) and disfigurement in an automobile accident.

$850,000 for 52-year-old man whose Parkinson’s disease was worsened by a prescription error at pharmacy.

$750,000 for family of 45-year-old unmarried man who died in DuPage County car accident.

$609,971.65 for a 52 year old construction worker who was unable to return to his usual occupation after a crushing foot/ankle injury.

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Workers’ Compensation

Illinois law does not permit as complete a recovery in workers' compensation cases as it does in personal injury cases. The law is just different for work place injuries. Nonetheless, the attorneys at Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur, P.C. consistently obtain some of the highest recoveries in the state for workers injured on the job.

$871,651 present cash value trial award for 49-year-old HVAC worker who was permanently disabled due to low back injury and now receives weekly disability payments for life.

$702,663 for 45-year-old truck driver who was permanently disabled due to a low back injury.

$500,000 trial award and subsequent settlement for a 40-year-old who was permanently and totally disabled due to foot/leg injuries.

$416,250 trial award for 47-year-old industrial electrician who sustained back injury.

$400,000 for wife and daughter of a 46-year-old man who died from cardiac arrhythmia after working in a hot and unventilated production plant.

$393,650 for 46-year-old who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to shoulder and chest injuries.

$385,000 for 34-year-old man who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to leg and foot injuries requiring 12 surgeries.

$350,000 for 35-year-old electrician who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to shoulder injury.

$345,000 for 47-year-old iron worker who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to shoulder injuries sustained in a fall from an aerial lift. A related products liability claim is pending.

$325,000 for 40-year-old factory worker who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome.

$323,330 for 64-year-old who injured his low back requiring surgery resulting in permanent work restrictions and retirement.

$266,988 for 40-year-old fence installer who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to repetitive trauma injuries to both hands.

$250,000 for 42-year-old roofer who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to low back injury.

$250,000 for 32-year-old who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to knee and foot injuries.

$240,000 for 30-year-old construction worker who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to a knee injury.

$220,000 for 50-year-old drywall/painter who developed an earnings loss (wage differential) due to head and psychological injuries.

$210,380 trial award for a 29-year-old transportation worker who injured his low back resulting in daily pain. Petitioner returned to full time work.

Obtained award requiring the insurance company to pay for a 39-year-old woman to finish college as part of the employer's obligation to provide vocational rehabilitation.

Obtained award imposing financial penalties on insurance company and defense attorneys for an unreasonable delay in paying wage benefits and approving surgery and for needlessly prolonging the litigation.

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Commercial Transactions

The attorneys at Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur, P.C. have been instrumental in negotiating and closing transactions for companies and governmental agencies which allow businesses to prosper and which improve the quality of life in communities throughout the Fox Valley.

We negotiated and closed a $45 million land acquisition for a municipal forest preserve district preserving over 740 acres of land for use and enjoyment of community residents that was identified as the single largest remaining tract of open space along the Fox River in Kane County.

Our attorneys have been the exclusive legal counsel to Kane County in its ground breaking Open Space Agricultural Conservation Easement and Farm Land Protection Program. Over 4,000 acres in Kane County have been dedicated as farm land to be maintained in agricultural production and perpetuity. This continues the agricultural heritage of Kane County for generations to come. Kane County is the initial and leading county in the state of Illinois to pursue a Farm Land Preservation Program.

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