Top 6 Causes of Staircase Injuries in Kane County

Kane County Slip and Fall Accident Injury LawyerThere are certain safety standards that staircases should comply with, whether in residential buildings or in public places. Staircases can be dangerous when they are not kept in a reasonably safe condition. Things like having enough lighting and handrails are some of the most basic steps that a premises owner or manager should take to ensure that people are able to get up and down the stairs safely. When these very reasonable safety standards are violated, the likelihood that someone will suffer a serious fall, slip, or trip, skyrockets. If you were injured when you fell on a staircase, you may have a strong claim against the party who is liable for the safety of those on their premises. An attorney can help guide your next steps. 

The Most Common Hazards That Cause Falls on Stairs

While people can fall down even the best-designed staircase, serious staircase accidents are often caused by the premises owner’s failure to use reasonable precautions. Some common safety issues on staircases include: 

  • No handrails - A lot of people rely on handrails to help them keep their balance on a staircase. They are also necessary so that people can grab them to steady themselves if they begin to lose their balance. 

  • Defective handrails - Even if handrails are present, they may not be effective. Handrails that are loose or difficult to grip may not adequately protect people who need them. 

  • Too dark - Being able to see where you are putting your feet is extremely important when climbing stairs. If there is inadequate lighting, people are more likely to fall due to a misplaced step. 

  • Too steep - There is a limit to how steep staircases should be. If the steps are too tall and the staircase too steep, not only are people more likely to fall in the first place, they are more likely to suffer severe injuries during the fall. 

  • Edges - The edge of a step should not protrude over the step beneath it. When staircases are designed this way, there is a substantial chance of people tripping on the way up or missing the lower step on the way down. 

  • No landings - Landings can help stop the momentum of a person who is falling, limiting the damage done by a fall as a person is not likely to fall more than one floor. When there are no landings, a person may fall multiple stories. 

If one of these hazards or another unreasonable danger contributed to your fall, you may have a valid claim against the owner of the premises you were on. 

Contact a Kane County Premises Liability Lawyer

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