Car Accidents in Parking Lots

 Posted on March 14,2019 in Personal Injury

Il accident lawyerWhen people think of car accidents, their first thought might be a major head-on collision on a public road such as a highway. But, as a driver, you know how chaotic a busy parking lot can be. There are cars fitted into small spaces, drivers coming at every which way, pedestrians walking in between cars, and other physical barriers such as shopping carts. These are more commonly minor and nonfatal accidents, but car accidents in a parking lot can be caused by negligence like any other situation.

The following are common parking lot accidents:

  • Backing into Each Other: Two drivers can collide when both are in reverse. This happens when neither drivers are looking behind them, and so both are technically at fault.
  • Merging into Traffic Lane: A person pulling out of a space may not be looking while preparing to merge into ongoing traffic. Although both cars were likely moving in this scenario, the driver pulling out of the parking space is most likely at fault. In the traffic lane of a parking lot where people get to their spots, the driver in the lane has the right of way. When a person backs into that lane, they are most likely at fault for not looking before putting their car in reverse.
  • Rear End at Stop Sign: Stop signs are placed in parking lots to allow for pedestrians to safely walk, and to keep drivers at a reasonable speed. If a person rear ends you at one of these stop signs, they were likely not paying attention, or going too fast.

The biggest issues being parking lot accidents are speeding and distracted driving. Going over five miles per hour in a parking lot can be dangerous with so much going on around. It may feel safer to check your phone or adjust the GPS in a parking lot, but it is still important to pay attention like you would on the road. Being mindful in a parking lot, and these steps and will help prevent car accidents in parking lots.

Look Behind: Utilize your mirrors, but also do not forget to turn and physically look behind you. There may be a blind spot missed by your mirrors. This is important when backing out of a space

Turn Signal: Using your turn signal is the easiest way of letting other motorists know what your intentions are

Park Wisely: Parking in less congested places will not only make your parking lot experience less stressful, but parking further away is a great way of getting a few extra steps in.

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