Study Links Concussions to Increased Risk of Suicide, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Psychiatric Disturbances

 Posted on March 16,2016 in Personal Injury

concussions, Kane County personal injury lawyersEach year, around 2.5 million Americans suffer from a concussion. Around 50,000 die from their injuries while the remaining victims suffer from a variety of symptoms for weeks, months, years, or possibly even longer. Most of those symptoms include temporary issues, such as difficulty concentrating, personality changes, confusion, balance problems, and headaches. However, a recent study has linked concussions to potentially lifelong and life-altering complications.

New, Lifelong Risks of a Concussion

Over the past few years, researchers, doctors, and scientists have more closely examined concussions and their propensity for long-term complications. Links to a variety of lifelong and life-altering issues have been uncovered in a number of studies, including an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, suicide, and other psychiatric disturbances. Some of the evidence is said to be merely circumstantial at this point, but most healthcare professionals now maintain that a head injury is more sinister than previously thought.

In the most recent study, researchers examined information on 230,000 concussion victims over a 20-year period. In that group, there were nearly 700 subsequent suicides. On average, this number equates to about 31 deaths per 100,000 concussion victim. Those that experienced a concussion on the weekend were at an even higher risk, the authors noted, but it was the overall prevalence that evoked concern. 

Important to Car Crash and Work Accident Victims

Whenever compensation after a work injury or automobile accident is calculated, the overall impact on a person’s life is taken into consideration. Formerly, concussions (except those that resulted in death) were considered minor, short-term injuries. However, as more research emerges, it is becoming clear that the long-term effects are bigger and more pervasive than previously thought. As such, the risk should be taken into account, particularly if the victim is already at high risk for conditions such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease, or Parkinson’s disease.

Get Help with Your Accident Injury Case

As it stands, insurance companies already attempt to minimize injuries and the impact that an accident can have on your life. Even in light of the new information, they are highly unlikely to consider these new, long-term risks. Because of this, accident victims should avoid facing the insurance companies alone.

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