Calculating What Your Aurora Car Accident Claim is Worth

 Posted on June 17,2022 in Personal Injury

aurora personal injury attorneyAfter you get hit by a negligent driver, you are likely to get a call from their insurance company fairly soon. The insurance company will make you a settlement offer. It will sound like a good offer, but it rarely is. Insurance companies do not count or consider every financial loss you will suffer as a result of your car accident. Their goal is to get you to accept a settlement that does not come close to fully compensating you. Before you think about accepting a settlement, it is important that you take the time to add up every expense and loss associated with the crash. You are likely to find that your claim is worth much more than you are being offered. Our experienced lawyers can help you determine the total amount that you deserve. 

What Costs Can I Recover After a Car Accident?

The types of damages you could recover after a car crash are much more numerous and varied than you might expect. A car accident injury can cause lasting damage for many. When calculating your total financial loss as a result of the crash, make sure to factor in not just your ER bill and the cost of your car, but also: 

  • Lost wages - Very few people go back to work the day after an accident. Odds are, you had to take time off of work to recover from your injuries. Your lost wages may be compensable. If your injuries were very serious and disabling, you may have even had to change careers or stop working altogether. Your lost future earnings can also be included.

  • Emotional harm - Car accidents can be traumatic and lead to emotional problems. Some people even develop PTSD after a particularly bad accident. You should be taking care of your psychological injuries as well as your physical injuries, and the expense of doing so can be included in your compensation. If your injuries are serious enough to stop you from doing things you enjoy, then you could also recover damages for your loss of enjoyment in life. 

  • Long-term care - Rarely can a car accident injury be treated completely in just one trip to the hospital. It is more likely than not that you are going to need follow-up care, like physical therapy or repeat imaging studies. After a severe accident, you may need home health care workers or go through a prolonged stay in rehab. These costs should also be covered. 

If you have been injured in a car accident, your claim may be worth much more than you think. You should always speak with a lawyer before you even consider accepting an offer. 

Talk to a Kane County Car Accident Attorney

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