Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect

Aurora nursing home abuse attorneysThe decision to place an elderly parent or another family member in a nursing home is often made with best intentions. Common tasks may become impossible for your elderly loved one to complete, and a nursing home can provide around-the-clock care to make them more comfortable. You may feel guilty for not being able to provide the care yourself, but nursing homes have health professionals that are experienced in the needs of elderly people.

You want to think that your loved one is safe in your nursing home of choice, but one out of ten elders experience some form of neglect in a nursing home.

There are four main types of neglect that are seen in a nursing home:

  • Basic needs neglect,
  • Medical neglect,
  • Hygiene neglect, and
  • Social neglect.

Unfortunately, many of these abuses go unreported by residents. This may be out of fear of repercussions, or because the elderly are the least likely demographic to report to the authorities. Your elderly family member may also feel embarrassed about their situation, so here is a list of things to look out for when it comes to nursing home neglect.

Physical Or Emotional Changes - You know your loved one the best, so if he or she has had a personality shift or new injuries, there may be a need for concern. These may also be circumstantial changes, like adjusting to a new environment or accidental bumps and bruises, but look for long-term changes in your elderly family member. Confidence can be lost by condescending workers, and bed sores can appear from inadequate care.

Staff Issues - How do you feel when visiting your family member or loved one in a nursing home? Do you get a sense of anxiety when dealing with seemingly frantic staff, or do you experience difficulty when trying to get assistance as a guest while there? Imagine how the residents feel. A good nursing home staff is hands-on with the patients, and they care about individual needs. Keep an eye out for a high employee turnover. If you are seeing less familiar faces and less personalized care for your loved one, it may be time to consider a different nursing home.

Unanswered Questions - If something suspicious does come up, you bring it up to the staff, and your question gets brushed off - there may be a problem. A staff member simply not knowing an answer to a question is not enough to raise alarm, but if people continuously do not answer your questions, or even outright refuse to answer your questions, there may be bigger issues at hand. Unexplained physical appearance changes, such as weight loss or bruises, should not be blamed on the age of the patient by staff. 

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