Seeking Financial Compensation For Rear-End Collisions in Illinois

kane county car crash lawyerRear-end collisions can be exceptionally jarring. You probably never saw the impact coming when you were hit from behind. You may have had no chance to brace yourself or get out of the way. The injuries commonly caused by a rear-end collision can include whiplash, back injuries and head injuries, which can be serious. Rear-end collisions are likely the most common type of car accident. In Illinois, there is a legal presumption that the driver behind is at fault in a rear-end collision. The front driver can be at fault in rare instances, but for the most part, the driver who hit you from behind is going to be liable. If you were injured in a rear-end collision, you may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer can help you understand your rights. 

Common Excuses From At-Fault Drivers After a Rear-End Crash

Drivers love to make excuses after rear-ending someone. If the responsible driver got out of his car after the accident and went off on you as if this was your fault, your experience is not unique. Some of the most common reasons and excuses at-fault drivers give - and why they do not get them off the hook - include: 

  • The weather did it. - If it was raining, snowing, foggy, or icy when your accident happened, you more likely than not had to listen to the driver who hit you attempt to blame the weather. However, drivers are responsible for adjusting their driving technique based on the weather they are in. In fog or low-visibility conditions, drivers should increase their following distance just in case the driver ahead of them stops quickly. In rain, snow, or otherwise slippery conditions, drivers should realize that it will take longer to stop their vehicle and start braking well in advance. 

  • I was just using GPS. - Some drivers think that because they were using their cell phone to fiddle with their navigation apps rather than to send a text or read the news, it is somehow okay. It is not. Cell phone use, other than hands-free use, is prohibited. Drivers should set up their navigation apps before they start driving. 

  • You stopped too fast. - Drivers who have just rear-ended someone love to blame the driver in front for stopping too quickly. However, drivers must use a safe following distance at all times. If you had to slam on your brakes, the driver behind you should have been far enough back to avoid you. 

If you or a loved one were injured in a rear-end collision, contact a personal injury lawyer for help holding the at-fault driver liable and pursuing compensation. 

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