Minor Head Injuries May Cause Changes in the Brain

 Posted on February 03,2017 in Personal Injury

Kane County auto accident lawyerTypically, accidents that receive compensation for a head injury are those that result in concussion, but is this truly the baseline for trauma? A recent study on young football players suggest it may not be. In fact, even players who never received a concussion diagnosis had subtle changes to their brains. This suggests that head injuries in all types of accidents, including those sustained in auto accidents, may deserve a closer look when deciding whether a victim may be owed compensatory damages.

About the Study

Conducted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, the study examined a small sampling of young football players – just 25 of them, all of whom were between the ages of eight and 13. Images of their brains were taken prior to the start of the football season and then again at the end. The team also installed sensors into their helmets to record data on the frequency of head impact. What they found was that, even among those that had not received a concussion during the season, slight and subtle changes had occurred within the brain over the course of the season.

No one can truly say just how much these changes may impact the young players later in life. Further, these players are repeatedly exposed to head impact, which may result in a different outcome than someone who sustains a minor head injury in a single crash. Yet the implications are there – a concussion may not be the baseline for determining whether a victim will sustain long-term effects from a crash. This means we must also question whether a concussion should be the baseline for determining if compensatory damages are owed.

Protecting Your Right to Compensation After an Accident

If you or someone you love is injured in an accident, it is important that you know what steps to take to protect your right to compensation. First, you should always be examined by a medical professional, even if you do not believe you are injured. This is critical because some injuries may not manifest themselves until hours or even days after the accident. Secondly, you should always retain copies of incurred expenses, medical records, and any other relevant documentation. Lastly, seek skilled legal assistance to ensure you are effectively represented throughout the entire claims process.

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