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Proper entity planning deserves the attention of every business. Avoidable disputes can cause irreparable damage and sometimes even lead to the dissolution of the entity. Resolving corporate and partnership matters often involves a delicate balance between protecting individual interests and preserving the viability of the company. If dissolution is the only way to resolve the issue, it must be done properly, following all the required legal steps. To determine the right course of action for your business or business dispute, it is important to retain wise counsel from attorneys with in-depth knowledge of both business and legal matters.

At Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur P.C., we have over a century of combined experience representing businesses in corporate and partnership matters. Throughout Northern and Central Illinois, we handle all types of business issues, including business formations and startups, business acquisitions and sales, business succession planning, contract disputes/injunctions, shareholder disputes, trade secrets and restrictive covenants, business dissolutions, commercial litigation and appeals. We are experienced at protecting businesses and resolving disputes through mediation, arbitration and litigation. We have a rich tradition of integrity and exceptional advocacy. We put our extensive experience to work to develop the most practical and effective solution for each client we serve.

Working Toward a Win-Win Resolution

Disputes among owners or partners within an entity can be difficult to resolve. Clearly, there are times when an injunction is necessary and litigation may be imminent. However, there are other times when perhaps litigation could be successful in the short-term, but the long-term effects could do more harm than good. When deciding the best legal path, business relationships must be taken into account as well as other relevant factors. Our skilled attorneys work closely with our clients to thoroughly analyze their unique circumstances and explore all viable options, so we can craft an innovative and bold resolution that works for you.

Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenant Issues

For many companies, protecting the confidentiality of client relationships and proprietary information is essential. This is best accomplished ahead of time through enforceable restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements. We are often called upon to draw up strictly enforceable contracts between organizations, owners and key employees to ensure that valuable information is protected. Our experience with commercial and appellate litigation gives us a unique understanding of what needs to be included in contracts to avoid litigation or to ensure enforceability. Two of our attorneys worked for the Illinois Appellate Court and saw firsthand how mistakes are made and how they can be avoided.

Corporate disputes often become complicated and lead to costly and protracted litigation. At Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur P.C., we work closely with you to resolve business disputes successfully and efficiently. If you need smart but practical guidance with any type of business matter, contact our office today at 630-907-0909. From our offices in Aurora, IL, we represent clients for corporate and partnership matters in Chicago, Rockford, Naperville, Oswego, Montgomery, Sugar Grove, DuPage County, Kane County, Kendall County, Will County, DeKalb County, Cook County and communities throughout Northern and Central Illinois.

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