Why You Need to Watch for Delayed Injuries After a Crash

 Posted on May 22, 2024 in Auto Accidents

IL injury lawyerIf you are involved in a car accident, one of the first things you should do is seek immediate medical attention. Even if you do not have obvious injuries or symptoms, you should be screened and then given a report showing any damage or injury that needs treatment. However, people often notice severe pain throughout their bodies several days after an accident. Because this pain does not appear directly after the accident, people sometimes fail to recognize that the two are related. Some injuries can take longer than others to be immediately felt. If you experience this type of delayed injury, you should first seek medical attention again and then speak to a knowledgeable Kane County, IL personal injury lawyer to understand what your options are.

How Do Delayed Injuries Happen?

Many types of injuries are immediately apparent at the scene of a car accident. If someone is bruised, bleeding, swollen, has a broken bone, or anything else that is stopping them from walking, talking, and gesturing the way they otherwise would have, it is more obvious that they are injured.

However, most people who live through a car accident experience an intense rush of adrenaline that leaves them feeling like they are bursting with energy and strength. This can sometimes conceal real pain their body would otherwise feel.

Other injuries worsen over time. Initially, the damage would not cause much pain, but several days later, it might feel unbearable. Just like when you bump into something but might not see a bruise on your skin until much later, some inflammations can build and worsen over time.

Common Delayed Injuries after a Car Crash

While there are many types of delayed injuries that might appear days after a car accident, some of the most common include whiplash, brain injury, nerve damage, and internal bleeding. If you have soreness in your neck, bad headaches, numbness, an almost constant feeling of pins and needles, or pain in your abdomen or stomach, you should take it more seriously than you otherwise might. All of these might be indications of something much more serious happening beneath the surface and you should see medical care urgently.

Make sure to let the medical professionals examining you know that you were in a car accident so they can check everything with the understanding that you may be experiencing delayed injury.

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