Why Halloween Car Accidents Are a Risk to Children

 Posted on October 25,2022 in Auto Accidents

kane county car accident lawyerPedestrian accidents can happen any day of the year, as can drunk driving crashes. However, both of these horrifying types of auto accidents tend to increase in frequency on the days around Halloween. Many children love trick-or-treating, and many parents love to watch their children run around in a costume, collecting candy from neighbors. However, it is critical that parents be particularly wary of drivers on this holiday. Halloween invites dangerous driving practices - as well as unsafe pedestrian habits. Excited children are prone to abruptly running across the road. Likewise, adults who are uninterested in trick-or-treating tend to attend parties and events where drinking is a favorite activity. The combination of too many intoxicated drivers and too many children running about in a crowd can be incredibly deadly. Children are generally at more risk than adults for Halloween auto accidents. If your child is injured by a careless driver this Halloween, you may be able to recover significant compensation on their behalf. 

Drunk Driving and Halloween

Not all Halloween festivities are meant to be family-friendly. Many adults enjoy dressing up in a fun costume and going out just as much as many children do. Unfortunately, some adults may forget that someone in their group should go as a “designated driver.” Choosing to drink and drive around Halloween is particularly careless - adults know that around this time, children are out in droves. Yet, Halloween remains one of the biggest days of the year for drunk driving. 

Pedestrian Accidents and Trick-or-Treating

Parents are often worried about poisoned Halloween candy. While it is incredibly unlikely that your child’s trick-or-treat basket will contain anything but sugar in abundance, it is likely that they will encounter at least one dangerous driver. Children are among the most common victims of negligent drivers around Halloween. 

This is likely due to several reasons. First, the sheer numbers of children who are out walking around at night around Halloween make it more likely that a dangerous driver will be in the proximity of children. Also, children are not known for their skills in street safety. Young children are prone to bolting into the street to reach another house or a group of friends. Parents must carefully supervise children while they are out in the evenings. However, a careful parent is not always enough to protect children from an unpredictable driver. 

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