When Work Accidents Prevent Working

 Posted on May 10,2019 in Workers' Compensation

IL injury lawyerIn almost any industry, small injuries are expected. Even in an office job, an accident can occur. However, not every accident or injury is eligible for workers’ compensation. Anything that cannot be safely handled by a basic first aid kit could be eligible. When an injury occurs at work that threatens future work and pay, a family’s livelihood could be at jeopardy. This is why workers’ compensation laws are in place.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is an insurance required by law to be had by employers. No matter the size of a staff, or the number of employees, most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance protects employees in the event of an accident caused by work that affects the employees’ ability to work. Workers’ compensation can cover lost wages and/or medical treatment depending on the severity of the injury. When filing workers’ compensation, this prevents you from suing your employer for a personal injury claim. However, if a third party is responsible for the negligence that caused your injury, they can be sued.

When occurring an injury that prevents the ability to work, whether short or long term, you are eligible for compensation through your employer's workers’ compensation insurance. The first step, after seeking immediate medical attention if necessary, is to alert your employer about the injury that occurred at work. If you cannot work for three or more days due to the injury, your employer is required to begin paying temporary disability or give a written reason why benefits are being denied.

Some work-related incidents are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. For example, getting into a car accident while driving to or from work would not be covered. However, if an employee was driving to meet a client during company time, they may be eligible for benefits from workers’ compensation.

Otherwise, if your access to benefits is being denied by your employer, it is important to find out why. There may be a misunderstanding or miscommunication on their end — especially if you are physically not able to work because of a work-related accident or injury. If no agreement can be met, it is time to file a complaint with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Contact an Aurora Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If your employer rejects the benefits of worker’s compensation after a life-changing injury, it is time to discuss your options with a Kane County workers’ compensation attorney. Our experienced team will know how to prove to the commission that you are eligible to compensation for your pain and suffering. Call our office at 630-907-0909 to schedule a free consultation.




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