What Medical Benefits Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

 Posted on November 08,2019 in Workers' Compensation

IL injury lawyerEven with insurance, sometimes basic medical care can be expensive. When someone experiences a catastrophic injury, the financial expenses and rehabilitation can be hard to manage by an injured person and their family. When a person goes through an accident or becomes ill, because of work, their medical expenses can be covered through workers’ compensation insurance.

Most employers in Illinois are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their business or company. Even small businesses with a few employees must be compliant. This insurance protects employees if they are hurt and cannot return to work. Coverage can begin as early as three days after an employee could not come back to work because of an injury. Along with coverage for medical expenses, workers’ compensation will also provide financial support for an employee.

The kinds of injuries that will likely receive workers' compensation benefits after are burns, broken bones, paralyzation, brain damage, repetitive strain, lung diseases, and amputation.

When it comes to medical benefits, all required and reasonable treatments for an injury or illness must be compensated for. Treatment can only be related to the work-related issue and must be a valid form of treatment or cure backed by medical science. It also must be a necessary treatment for the injury for the health of the patient.

Most commonly, an injured employee will see a primary care physician first for their injuries, and then get referrals to specialists. The initial physician must be authorized by the employer. If the employer does not have a network to use, the employee may choose their physician. Payment from the employer will only be valid through this chain of care. A specialist and refer to another specialist, but an employee cannot go out on their own to find a referral. Medical bills related to the work injury are paid indefinitely unless otherwise stated in a settlement.

Fast and adequate medical care is essential to the health of an employee. Many people do not have the resources to care for an amputation or spinal cord injury themselves. Employees should not have to worry about their finances after a work injury. It is against the law for employers to refuse payment or refuse the authorization of treatment.

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