What Are the Causes and Impacts of the Most Common Construction Site Injuries

 Posted on September 22,2020 in Construction Accidents

IL accident lawyerWhile injuries at the workplace can occur in any industry, it should come as no surprise that construction workers face an increased risk of both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Tragically, more than 1,000 construction workers were fatally injured while at work, throughout 2018 alone. In all, construction site accidents constituted 47% of all workplace fatalities throughout 2018. Equally concerning is the fact that non-fatal injury rates are 71% higher in the construction industry than any other industry in the United States. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury in a construction accident, it is time to seek out the help of a qualified attorney.

Causes of Injuries

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nearly 3 out of every 10 non-fatal construction injuries are caused by slip, trips, or falls. In many cases, these accidents can be due to employer negligence. If slippery surfaces are not properly marked by an employer, they can be deemed liable for injuries suffered. If employees are not properly equipped with safety equipment and protective gear while working on a roof or on a multi-story building, injuries suffered can also be viewed as a result of employer negligence. Regardless of how the injury occurred, if you or a loved one suffer an injury while working at a construction site, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

The Most Common Construction Injuries

In the construction industry, some of the most common injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and injuries to the spine. If a person suffers a serious fall, injuries to the ribs or limbs can result in loss of work hours, and costly medical expenses. Even more concerning are the long term ramifications of suffering brain trauma or an injury to the spine. A serious concussion can leave a person unable to return to work for significant amounts of time. Tragically, some forms of brain trauma can result in permanent cognitive damage. Spinal injuries can range from minor whiplash to spinal fractures resulting in paralysis. In the aftermath of a construction injury, seek immediate medical attention.

Contact an Aurora Construction Site Accident Attorney

At Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Mazur, P.C., we understand the way in which a serious workplace injury can impact an entire family. From costly medical bills to loss of income from a provider, your family does not need to face these challenges alone. Our firm is dedicated to assisting our clients in securing the compensation they need to fully recover from a serious work injury. To schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable Kane County personal injury attorney, call us today at 630-907-0909.



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