Understanding the Requirements to Qualify for Permanent Total Disability in Illinois

IL injury lawyerWork injuries can happen at any given time for numerous reasons. Many work-related injuries are not life-threatening, with the injured party being able to return to work relatively quickly. Unfortunately, however, some work injuries can be life-shattering and even life-threatening in some cases. When a severe injury befalls a worker, leaving them in some cases with lifelong medical complications, that worker may be eligible to receive permanent total disability through the Illinois workers' compensation program.

It must be noted that receiving permanent total disability is not always an easy and seamless process. This may be because the type of cases that qualify for total disability is generally worth a lot of money, which the employer may be unwilling to shell out without putting up a fight. This blog will look at the type of injuries that may qualify someone for permanent total disability. If you have been seriously injured at work, do not hesitate to contact an experienced workers' compensation attorney who will work to ensure your rights are protected while you pursue the compensation you may be entitled to.

What Injuries Qualify for Permanent Total Disability?

It is essential to understand that to obtain permanent total disability, you must be able to prove what exactly caused your severe injuries. You must also demonstrate that your severe injury has made it so that you can no longer work and support yourself due to your injury. The following examples are injuries that may qualify someone for permanent total disability. These injuries include the following:

  • An amputation or loss of body part – If you have lost a part of your body, like your arm or an eye, it will likely be difficult for your employer to argue that you are in any condition to return to work as if your injury never occurred.
  • Loss of function – Regardless of whether your injury requires an amputation, the injury may have made it so that you are no longer to work in the way necessary for your job. For instance, if you are a laborer and a heavy piece of metal falls and shatters your leg, while you technically still have your leg, it may be the point where you have lost enough function in your leg, even after it is healed, that you are unable to return to your job.
  • Reduction in function – If you have sustained an injury that has significantly affected your ability to do your job, this too may qualify for permanent total disability. A common injury that may meet this criterion is severe back injury. Even after you are healed, while you still may be able to move around, your injury may likely prevent you from ever lifting anything heavy again.

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