The Devastating Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

 Posted on September 07,2023 in Personal Injury

Kane County Personal Injury LawyersWhile many people may think of summer as the best season for motorcycle riding, motorcycle enthusiasts know that riding in autumn is just as – if not more – exhilarating. However, along with all that fun comes the substantial dangers and high risk of crashing that riding brings. The injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic, leaving injured riders with long-term or permanent disabilities. If you or a loved one has sustained any of the following injuries in a crash, an Illinois motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Brain Injuries

Tragically, brain and head injuries are one of the most common injuries riders sustain in crashes. The force of the impact of the rider’s head smashing into the ground or other hard surfaces can leave them with serious brain damage. It is not uncommon for people who suffer brain injuries to suffer from memory loss, cognitive impairments, and mood swings.

Unlike most states in the country, Illinois does not have a mandatory helmet law for either motorcycle operators or their passengers. If the rider was not wearing a helmet, the potential for severe or fatal brain injuries is even higher.


A rider can suffer the loss of limbs if the rider is thrown from the motorcycle and the limb is severed or crushed.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Another common and severe injury a motorcyclist can suffer in a crash is a spinal cord injury. The force of impact when the rider is thrown from the bike can damage or even sever the spinal cord, causing paralysis, weakness, and numbness. There is usually an impact on controlling other bodily functions, as well.

Internal Injuries

Another potentially life-threatening injury from motorcycle accidents is internal injuries, including punctured organs, organ damage, and internal bleeding. What makes internal injuries even more dangerous is that symptoms are often silent and do not show up right away, putting the person’s life at risk.


Getting slammed into by a vehicle or thrown from a bike can leave a rider with multiple fractures and dislocated joints. This can lead to multiple surgeries, rehabilitation, chronic pain, and reduced mobility.

Road Rash

When a rider is thrown from their bike and slides across the pavement, there are often extensive skin lacerations and abrasions, even if the rider is wearing leather or other protective gear. This is referred to as road rash, which can result in infection and scarring. Extensive road rash can lead to permanent disfigurement.

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