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IL injury lawyerWhether in assisted living or a nursing home, elderly people that live there still have rights. Unfortunately, the people who work for these institutions take advantage of their vulnerable residents and take away their rights and endanger their lives. Nursing homes are supposed to be safe places with specialized care for the elderly, but the World Health Organization reports that 2 out of 3 staff members admit to having committed an act of abuse. Refusing to take care of a patient, or taking advantage of them for personal gain, is negligence.

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 was created to give a standard of care for nursing homes. Residents of nursing homes have the right to a safe environment free of abuse or fear. They also have the rights to:

  • Privacy
  • Accommodations for medical and social needs
  • Be treated with dignity
  • Be fully informed about treatment or changes in care
  • Communicate without repercussions

Nursing homes are a great alternative for families with elder members that need care. They are a place for people to live the rest of their lives comfortably, so nursing home abuse is a serious offense. These signs and kinds of abuse in elderly patients in nursing homes may be caused to seek legal advice.

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IL nursing home abuse lawyerMany elders resist the recommendation to move to a nursing home. Family members may have good intentions, but moving to a nursing home facility is intimidating. It is also hard for someone to admit that they cannot take care of themselves like they used to. There is a negative connotation around nursing homes which, too, makes people apprehensive. Elders and family members alike may have concerns regarding the kind of care being administered. Like a person living at home, residents of nursing homes have rights and when those rights are denied, the facilities can be held negligent.

The elder population is growing rapidly. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, the population of people over the age of 60 years old will double. Today, 1 in every 6 people in the same age group have experienced some form of elder abuse. Family members are not excluded from elder abuse, but there is a high rate of abuse in nursing homes. In 2018, two out of three staff members in long-term living for elders admits to having committed abuse that year.

The Federal Nursing Home Reform Law of 1987 created standards for nursing homes. These rules protect the rights of elders and give ground to cases of negligence.

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IL nursing home abuse lawyerIn an ideal world, we could take care of our loved ones as they get older. However, the children of elderly parents often have children of their own, and lives to maintain. Some elderly people require around the clock care, and unless a loved one volunteers to be a caregiver, they are left in the care of others. We trust healthcare providers to care for loved ones as they end their lives, but what happens when nursing home neglect is suspected?

Elders can be vulnerable due to their mental or physical abilities. The World Health Organization estimates 1 in 6 elders face some form of abuse. Even family members can participate in elder abuse, but a shocking 2 out of 3 elder focused healthcare workers admit to having abused a person in their care. Abuse can contribute to a faster deterioration of health, so family members need to recognize the signs of various nursing home neglect.

Physical Abuse: Causing physical harm to a patient comes in many forms. This can be violent harm, such as hitting, or negligent harm like refusing care. A healthcare professional may lash out at a patient out of frustration or rage and cause injuries. Take note of any unexplained cuts, sprains, or bruising. If a loved one breaks a bone, question the staff about how it occurred. It could be as innocent as a fall, or they could be suffering abuse.

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IL injury lawyerAs people age, they are often more respected due to their life experience. However, elders can often face abuse from family, caretakers, or nursing homes. Any person can be subject to abuse, but The National Institute on Aging estimates that thousands of people over the age of 60 are taken advantage of every year.

Taking care of an aging loved one is not a commitment everyone can make. Older people require specialized care, and you may not have enough time to meet their needs. Nursing homes are a great alternative for elders who need assisted care. Someone can be there around the clock to help with basic tasks or administer medicine, and nursing homes can combat loneliness by creating a social environment. Unfortunately, there is also a dark side to nursing homes where vulnerable people are abused.

It is possible or any elder to face abuse in a nursing home, but the most likely victims are people who rely on assistance for basic life skills such as getting dressed, bathing, or taking medication. A person who has an illness such as dementia or Alzheimer may also be subject to abuse, or people who do not have friends or family to check the system. Older women are more likely to be abused, but older men face abuse in nursing homes as well.

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