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Kane County motorcycle accident lawyerSpring has arrived in Northern Illinois, which means that the individuals and families throughout the region will be spending more time outside enjoying the warmer weather. For many, springtime also marks the beginning of another year of motorcycle riding. With that in mind, rider safety groups and state officials throughout Illinois are urging riders to protect themselves and to keep the road safer for those around them. It is the responsibility of every rider, driver, and pedestrian to do what they can to prevent motorcycle accidents and the injuries that often result.

Making a Difference

Every year hundreds of deaths are caused by motorcycle accidents in the state of Illinois. In fact, motorcycle-related deaths comprise more than 15 percent of all vehicle fatalities in the state. Tragically, many of these accidents can be prevented by following a few simple safety procedures:

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Aurora personal injury attorneysWith spring quickly approaching, many motorcycle riders are gearing up for rallies, runs, and good old-fashioned cruises. Sadly, the nearing season also means headlines will soon feature motorcycle crashes. The “lucky” ones will suffer injuries that will one day heal. Others will suffer serious and life-altering injuries. Still others will experience a crash that ends tragically in death.

What is most devastating about these crashes is that many will be the fault of another driver—a person who acted in a negligent way and, as a result, cost a family or rider a life, a limb, mobility, money, or employment. In such situations, the victim may be owed compensation, and it is important to know how to protect your rights.

Negligence Is a Common Factor in Motorcycle Accidents

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