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IL injury lawyerDoctors are an important factor for our well being. When we are ill, they are a resource to turn to for care. In an ideal world, a doctor diagnoses exactly what is wrong in a minimally invasive way and is able to prescribe medicine to resolve the problem quickly. Doctors do not always get it right the first time but as long as the medical care is reasonable, and you start feeling better, there is usually no harm. However, if you have a sinking feeling that your doctor has been negligent with your care, you may have cause for medical malpractice.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice can apply to anyone in the medical field, such as doctors, surgeons, and nurses, or a location such as a hospital or private practice. When these people and institutions do not live up to medical standards, and a patient gets injured, suffers, or dies because inadequate care, that patient or their surviving family may be eligible for compensation.

In order for a medical malpractice lawsuit to be considered, certain criteria must be met. Health care professionals are required to adhere to standards of care. If those standards are not met, they can be found negligent, which is an important factor to move in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Once negligence is established, suffering because of that negligence must also be proved.

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