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Drug Manufacturers May Be Held Liable for Defective Generic Drugs

Aurora defective drugs attorney personal injuryModern medicine provides people with many treatments that can greatly improve their quality of life. There are drugs available on the market which provide people with important medical benefits for a wide variety of conditions. While we expect the drugs we use to be safe, this is unfortunately not always the case. Many drugs can cause serious harm to their users if they are used incorrectly, when they interact with other drugs, or when they result in unforeseen side effects.

When someone is injured after using a defective drug, they may be able to seek compensation from the drug manufacturers. A recent court ruling in Massachusetts may affect product liability cases involving generic drugs.

Liability for Generic Drugs

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Aurora defective products attorneysAmid lawsuit claims against Bayer and Jannsen Pharmaceuticals and concerns over the accuracy of clinical trials, company stocks have declined. In an effort to improve stocks (and to possibly improve image), the companies have started using celebrity marketing. But does this really divert attention away from the real risks? Sadly, it very well may.

About the Commercial

NBA player Chris Bosh, NASCAR driver Brian Vickers, golfing legend Arnold Palmer, and Saturday Night Live alumnus Kevin Nealon are all working with Xarelto to promote its use and efficacy in treating pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis, and stroke in people with atrial fibrillation. Each celebrity allegedly uses the drug as an alternative to other anticoagulants. One even reportedly switched to Xarelto after using Warfarin, which has both blood testing and dietary restrictions.

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