Steps to Take to Avoid Winter Weather Car Accidents

 Posted on February 08,2023 in Auto Accidents

IL injury lawyerAs we enter the month of February, temperatures are dropping, and roads are slick with snow, ice, and sleet all across Illinois. While the winter can be beautiful and picturesque across many areas of our state, the risk of weather-related car accidents is something that we must always be mindful of whenever we get behind the wheel. There is a common saying that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Unfortunately, during the winter in Illinois, failing to prep your car before you drive in adverse wintery conditions and keeping in mind safe driving tips while you are out on the road can result in terrible, life-altering accidents.

Today, we will discuss how you can prepare your car before going out and driving in wintery weather and what you should keep in mind as you are out on the road during the winter. If you have suffered injuries in a car accident related to wintery weather, consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney who will you be an advocate as you pursue compensation from your car insurance company. Unfortunately, car insurance companies are rarely generous. They may treat you unfairly or act like your accident was no big deal, which is the last thing you will want to deal with, particularly after just experiencing a car accident. Having an attorney by your side will likely make a positive difference as you pursue the compensation you may be entitled to.

Steps You Can Take Before You Drive in Wintery Weather

To help ensure safe winter driving, consider following these tips:

  • Check your vehicle beforehand – Make sure your tires have adequate tread and that your brakes, windshield wipers, and headlights are in good working order. Also, ensure you have enough windshield washer fluid and that your battery is fully charged.
  • Slow down – Wintery roads are slippery and can be highly difficult to navigate, especially when it is snowing or sleeting outside. Reduce your speed to give yourself more time to react to changing road conditions.
  • Increase your following distance – It takes longer for a vehicle to stop in winter conditions. Increasing your following distance can give you more time to stop if the car in front of you suddenly stops. A good rule of thumb is to maintain at least five or six seconds of following distance.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car - A winter emergency kit should include a blanket, water, a flashlight, and a charged cell phone. If you ever get stranded, these items can keep you warm and save your life as you try to get in touch with the proper authorities.
  • Avoid sudden movements – Sudden movements, such as sharp turns or sudden braking, can cause your vehicle to slide. Instead, be smooth and gradual with your movements to maintain control of your car.

Contact a Kane County Personal Injury Attorney

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