Risks and Complications Associated with C-Section Delivery

 Posted on October 23, 2021 in Medical Malpractice

IL injury lawyerWhen a pregnant mother is preparing to give birth to her child, she may not consider the possibility of facing an emergency situation. In some instances, this emergency situation may require a cesarean delivery. The need for a first-time cesarean delivery, better known as a C-section, is often not apparent until the delivery process has already begun. Some mothers opt for this method ahead of time if they have been experiencing complications through their pregnancy or have already undergone a c-section with a previous child. In other cases that require an emergency c-section, it is the doctor’s responsibility to understand the warning signs that necessitate this procedure and how to perform the surgery safely. When a doctor fails to uphold these expectations and the mother or child suffers an injury, It may be possible to hold the doctor accountable for their medical negligence.

C-Section Delivery Injury Risks

C-sections, while sometimes necessary, are unfortunately not always done soon enough and not always done properly. Both of these errors can cause distress to both the mother and child throughout the C-section.

The mother is highly susceptible to injury during a c-section if it is not performed well or at the appropriate time. After the procedure, the mother may be more likely to develop an infection and blood clots. They may also suffer a postpartum hemorrhage and surgical injury to their bladder or bowel. Additionally, any time a C-section is performed, there is a chance that a mother may react poorly to the anesthesia.

Medical Negligence During a C-Section Delivery

Mothers and their children face the highest risk of harm when a c-section is performed too late into the delivery process or not at all and when a C-section is performed but errors are made throughout the procedure.

Necessary C-sections that go unperformed or suffer immense delays are often linked to medical negligence. Medical professionals are trained to recognize specific symptoms that indicate the need for a c-section, including fetal distress, uterine rupture, and preeclampsia. When doctors neglect to immediately act on these warning signs and do not take the appropriate steps to perform a successful and timely C-section, the infant and mother are vulnerable to severe injuries such as brain trauma.

Alternatively, if surgical errors occur during a c-section, the mother and her child may experience serious injuries that lead to lifelong and even fatal consequences. This includes damaged internal organs, nerve damage, brain damage, heart problems, lung problems, development problems, physical disability, and blood clots.

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