Reasons Why Insurance Claims are Denied after a Car Accident

 Posted on July 31,2019 in Auto Accidents

IL accident attorneyAlthough auto insurance is required by law, when you consistently make on-time payments, you expect your insurance company to assist you after an accident. However, even though you may pay an insurance company, your claim is not guaranteed to be accepted. After a car accident, many things can give a person involved fear and uncertainty, and having a claim denied can provide additional stress during this tough time.

What Is The Process for Filing a Claim?

The requirements for filing a claim can be met as soon as the car accident happens. After the accident, calling 911 and filing a police report will be crucial to filing a claim with your insurance company. This acts as an official report about the accident. When filing a claim, you will also need the contact information from the other parties involved. You can call your insurance company as soon as being on the side of the road, waiting for police assistance. If you are insured, your insurance company may be able to assist right away if you are not able to use your car after an accident.

After a claim is filed, then a claim specialist is assigned to your specific case to review. When a claim is denied, there is often the uncertainty of how to proceed. Here are common reasons why an insurance claim is denied after a car accident.

Policy Limits: Like any insurance policy, there are limits to how much they can cover. When you pay more for coverage, the company will also provide a higher level of assistance. The more that is added to your policy, the more you are covered. A claim may be denied because it exceeds the coverage purchased, the coverage may have already been utilized at an earlier time, or there is no coverage for the specific claim filed.

Delays: Even if a claim is within a person’s policy, and you were not breaking the law while driving, a claim can still be denied for multiple reasons due to circumstantial elements. Not reporting the accident immediately to the police of your insurance company can put your claim at risk for being denied. Not seeking medical assistance immediately as well can cause insurance companies to deny claims because it looks like the driver is attempting to claim an injury unrelated to the car accident.

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