Reasons To Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

 Posted on January 07,2019 in Workers' Compensation

Aurora work injury attorneysIf you work in the labor or trucking industries, you may be well aware of workers’ compensation. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers and tractor trailer operators made up 5.4% of all private industry reports of injuries. Non-construction laborers make up the highest percentage of 7.3%. Other notable industries are janitorial, nursing assistants, and retail workers.

Every employer is required to have workers’ compensation insurance in the event that someone gets hurt at work or sustains an injury related to working conditions. Workers’ compensation can assist people after an injury by providing:

  • Medical treatment,
  • Leave with pay,
  • Job security, and
  • Additional benefits.

A family member or friend in your industry may have even needed workers’ compensation benefits, but when it happens to you, an important question to ask is: do you hire a workers’ compensation attorney?

In a cut and dry world where an injury is minor and the employer fully cooperates and admits their responsibility in the accident, legal counsel may not be needed, but even then, is highly recommended.

Many workers’ compensation cases are more complicated than a sprained ankle and compliant employer. With hiring an attorney, you are guaranteeing your best chance at reasonable compensation without the hassle of defending yourself, which may not yield best results.

A seasoned professional with knowledge of workers’ compensation will know exactly what you need to file a claim if you have not already. There are important steps, like seeing a medical professional and reporting your injury to your employer, that you may have missed with the stress of your injury.

Partnering with a workers’ compensation attorney after your work-related accident or injury can inform you of how much your settlement is actually worth. If your claim has little precedence, then a law professional can save you time and money spent attempting to claim a large benefit. If you do have a large claim, then it is important to have a lawyer to guide you through the process.

One the claim is submitted, and your employer does not pay your benefits in a timely manner, denies your benefits altogether, or discriminates against you for filing a claim, then it is time to reach out to a lawyer. An attorney will know exactly how to get you out of the poor situation that your employer has left you with after filing a work injury claim.

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