Reacting to a Pedestrian Accident

IL injury lawyerThroughout the United States, an average of 16 pedestrians are killed after being struck by a car, each and every day. According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), just under 6,000 pedestrians were fatally injured in car crashes, throughout 2017 alone. Due to the sheer size difference between a standard automobile and a pedestrian, pedestrians often suffer severe if not fatal injuries in these accidents. Perhaps it should come as no surprise, that pedestrian fatalities accounted for 16% of all traffic deaths throughout 2017. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, it is time to speak with a qualified legal professional.

Reacting to the Accident

After you or a family member has been struck by a motor vehicle, it is imperative to act in a timely fashion. First and foremost, ensure that all injured parties are safe and sound. If any person is significantly injured, seek out emergency medical attention immediately. It is also worth noting that brain and spinal injuries often display delayed symptoms, and you should seek medical attention if you are experiencing any head, neck, or spinal discomfort. Once all medical aspects of the collision have been taken care of, it is time to contact the police. Police presence can be an incentive for the driver to remain on scene and answer any questions regarding their insurance or the incidents that lead to the accident honestly. When proving negligence in a personal injury case, a police report can also be critical throughout the legal process.

Once medical personnel (if needed) and law enforcement officials have been contacted, it is time for you to document everything you can from the crash. Taking photos of skid marks, debris from the collision and damage to the vehicle involved can be key to the case. If the driver is still present, take pictures of the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the license plate number. If the driver ultimately does flee from the scene this information will be invaluable to law enforcement. If any witnesses are present, speak to them about the events that lead up to the accident, and take document their contact information. Witness testimony can be imperative in proving a driver was acting in a negligent manner such as speeding, disregarding traffic signs, or texting while driving. Lastly, speak with the driver and get their insurance information. Making the assumption that the driver will contact their insurance company on their own, can be a mistake.

Contact an Aurora Car Accident Attorney

While practicing caution as a pedestrian is always wise, many pedestrian injuries are caused solely by the negligence of a motorist. At Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Mazur P.C., we are dedicated to helping our clients receive the compensation they deserve after a motor vehicle collision. Pedestrian injuries can be life-changing, and we fully understand how imperative a significant settlement can be to a family’s wellbeing. To schedule a complimentary consultation with a knowledgeable Kane County personal injury attorney, contact us today at 630-907-0909.



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