Is My Car Accident Case Really a Products Liability Case?

 Posted on July 24,2023 in Personal Injury

Aurora Personal Injury LawyerBy far, the most common cause of car accidents is careless driving. In most cases, if you have been involved in an accident it is fair to guess that at least one party was careless in causing it. However, there are some car accidents that are caused not by human error, but by the failure of an auto product to work properly. Not even the best and most careful driver in the world could avoid a car accident after an essential component of their vehicle fails. In some cases it is relatively clear that an auto issue contributed to the crash. Issues like tire blowouts are often readily apparent to the naked eye. However, some auto issues are less readily apparent. You may be able to see that another driver flew through a red light before hitting you, but it may take further investigation to determine whether an issue like brake failure caused the accident. In some cases like these, the manufacturer, seller, or installer, of a defective auto part can be held liable. If you suspect that an auto product failure contributed to your accident, it is best to speak with an attorney who can guide any further investigation. 

Types of Auto Product Failures that Lead to Accidents 

Most defective auto parts cases fall into one of a few categories, such as: 

  • Brake failure - A driver who has no safe way of stopping their vehicle is very likely to hit other vehicles. Especially if the brake failure occurs around an intersection, the driver may not be able to alert other drivers of their predicament in time to avoid a wreck. 

  • Tire blowouts - Tires may abruptly fail and burst, causing the driver of the vehicle to lose control. The car with a blown tire may spin out of control and cause a multi-car accident. 

  • Steering column failure - Even if a vehicle’s brakes are in good working order, using them may not be enough to allow a driver who has suddenly lost the ability to steer to avoid a collision. 

  • Electrical systems - When driving at night, headlights are essential as they allow other vehicles to see you easily. Some types of electrical failures can cause all of a car’s headlights and taillights to stop working, making it impossible for other drivers to spot the darkened vehicle. 

It may take the skill and efforts of an attorney to trigger the type of investigation necessary to reveal the presence of an auto product failure. 

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