Illinois Workers' Compensation in High-Risk Careers

 Posted on July 05,2022 in Workers' Compensation

illinois workers compensationIn Illinois, just about anyone with a job is eligible to receive workers’ compensation if they are injured or made ill at work. Even office staff sometimes uses workers’ compensation after an accident like a slip-and-fall. However, if you are in a dangerous career with a high risk of injury, you may use workers’ compensation several times throughout your career. People in high-risk professions include electricians, construction site workers, and some healthcare professionals. When you are in a high-risk profession, it is best that you understand the workers’ compensation process and know how to respond to a workplace injury before anything happens.

Do’s and Do Not’s for High-Risk Employees

If you are in a dangerous profession, there are a few rules of thumb you should keep in mind when it comes to workplace safety and handling a workplace injury. General do’s and do not’s for high-risk workers include: 

  • Do use PPE - Use any personal protective equipment your employer provides. This may include gear like safety goggles and hard hats on a construction site, or N95 masks and smocks in a hospital setting. This gear can reduce the severity of harm, and heads off accusations that you were careless about your own safety. 

  • Do not fear retaliation - Employers are very strictly forbidden from retaliating in any way, shape, or form against an employee who reports a workplace injury and claims Workers’ Compensation. 

  • Do report immediately - Inform your supervisor the second you have been injured or realize that you have become ill due to a workplace hazard. Waiting a few days to see if the injury gets better on its own could hurt your claim. If possible, your employer should be informed before you seek medical attention. 

  • Do not settle on your own - Many employers will try to quickly offer a settlement before sweeping the accident under the rug. Always speak with a lawyer before accepting a settlement. 

  • Do be wary of case managers - Your employer may want to assign a nurse case manager. This person is not on your side. Assume that any information you give her can be used against you. 

  • Do not sign a medical release - You may be asked to sign a form to release all your medical records to your employer. This can lead to what lawyers call a “fishing expedition,” where they will dig through your medical information looking for anything they can use against you. 

The best thing to do is contact a lawyer as soon as you possibly can after a workplace injury. 

Call a Kane County Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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