Illinois Permanent Disability Benefits

 Posted on May 08,2024 in Workers' Compensation

IL injury lawyerLike anywhere else in life, people can get injured while they are at work. If that happens, they are often eligible for workers’ compensation, which is intended to cover the costs related to any injury and recovery, as well as any loss of income that results. There are different categories of injuries that an employee might suffer from. This article will discuss the aspects of a permanent disability claim. If you were injured at work and need help obtaining sufficient compensation, speak with an experienced Kane County, IL workers’ compensation attorney to find out more.

How Can You Become Permanently Disabled at Work?

Accidents can happen in workplaces for a variety of reasons. There are countless possibilities for what kind of job you have, and in the same way, countless ways you unfortunately can get injured at work. Maybe you have a physically demanding job, and the strain causes a part of your body to get hurt. Perhaps you sit in front of a computer all day, and the repetitive motion of typing without changing your position frequently causes damage to your arm or back muscles. Maybe faulty machinery caused you to get electrocuted or improperly installed equipment fell on you. In all these situations, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation.

However, some professions are considered a higher risk than others for permanent disability. If you are a police officer, firefighter, truck driver, or construction worker, you have a higher chance of being severely injured. Injuries that can result in permanent disability include:

  • Back injury
  • Neck injury
  • Knee injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Amputation
  • Severe burns

How Does Permanent Disability Work?

Some injuries can automatically qualify you for permanent disability. For example, if there is a bodily function that has completely come to a stop, you might be automatically approved. Situations that fall under this category include:

  • Both legs or feet stop working
  • Both hands are impaired
  • Both ears stop functioning
  • Both eyes stop seeing

In addition to the above, some injuries are not visible but could still render the employee unable to resume their job.

Ultimately, it is up to an insurance company to approve or deny a claim. These companies generally try to avoid paying maximum compensation, but an experienced lawyer will be familiar with these tactics and guide you through the process.

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