How Violated Safety Standards Hurt Employees

 Posted on October 17,2019 in Workers' Compensation

IL accident liabilityIn work environments where there are everyday dangers present, safety standards are important to uphold by employers. When things slip through the cracks, and an employee gets severely injured, they are able to file for workers’ compensation. When shortcuts are made by employers, employees and their families are the ones that suffer.

After a work-related accident or injury, most employees have the right to file for workers’ compensation if they cannot immediately return to work. Workers’ compensation insurance is required for all employers no matter the size of their company. The benefits included after filing for workers’ compensation include reimbursement for lost wages and medical expenses having to do with the work injury.

If an accident is caused by the employee, they are still eligible for the benefits. Workers’ compensation is there to protect workers, and also prevents lawsuits between employee and employee regarding work conditions. Accidents can be prevented when employees and employers follow safety standards. These are some of the top violated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Fall Protection: Falls are one of the most common injuries seen in the workplace. Construction workers often work in high places, which is why Standard 1926.501 requires construction workers working up six feet or higher to have a system to prevent serious falls. This can include harnesses, guard rails, and safety nets.

Chemical Hazards: Chemicals can cause immediate injuries or illnesses over time. Standard Standard 1910.1200 requires employers to notify employees of hazardous chemicals where they work. Not having education of how chemicals should be handled can lead to burns, disfigurement, and internal organ issues. It is also the responsibility under this standard for employers to provide safety gear to work with chemicals.

Scaffolding: Building companies use scaffolding to support workers while completing projects. These are to work on high structures for long periods of time. Injuries can happen when climbing or falling off the scaffold. These are standard procedures, as noted in standard 1926.45, for the building, use, and demolition of scaffolding. Workers must also have the proper education about the use and safety of scaffolding. A collapsed scaffolding caused by an employee’s lack of education from the company can be prevented.

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