How to Recognize Nursing Home Neglect

IL nursing home abuse lawyerIn an ideal world, we could take care of our loved ones as they get older. However, the children of elderly parents often have children of their own, and lives to maintain. Some elderly people require around the clock care, and unless a loved one volunteers to be a caregiver, they are left in the care of others. We trust healthcare providers to care for loved ones as they end their lives, but what happens when nursing home neglect is suspected?

Elders can be vulnerable due to their mental or physical abilities. The World Health Organization estimates 1 in 6 elders face some form of abuse. Even family members can participate in elder abuse, but a shocking 2 out of 3 elder focused healthcare workers admit to having abused a person in their care. Abuse can contribute to a faster deterioration of health, so family members need to recognize the signs of various nursing home neglect.

Physical Abuse: Causing physical harm to a patient comes in many forms. This can be violent harm, such as hitting, or negligent harm like refusing care. A healthcare professional may lash out at a patient out of frustration or rage and cause injuries. Take note of any unexplained cuts, sprains, or bruising. If a loved one breaks a bone, question the staff about how it occurred. It could be as innocent as a fall, or they could be suffering abuse.

Psychological Abuse: Although there may not be physical evidence behind psychological abuse, there are still signs to look out for. Take notice of any sudden personality changes in a loved one. If they have become anxious or depressed, someone may be psychologically abusing them. This can include yelling, threatening, or talking down to a person.

Neglect: Elders are in a nursing home because they require specialized care. If they are not getting that care, it may be considered neglect. Not getting enough food, water, or shelter while in a nursing home can cause illness or death. This is especially true with compromised immune systems or pre-existing illnesses. If a loved one is unkempt or dirty, and cannot explain why; they may not be getting the proper care. Look out for bedsores, and other changes in appearance like weight loss.

Contact an Aurora Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

A nursing home should be a safe place for elders to continue their lives with assistance. No one wants to see their loved one in pain. If you suspect abuse in a nursing home, contact an experienced Kane County nursing home negligence attorney to discuss moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit. Call our office at 630-907-0909 to schedule a free consultation.



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