Four Most Common Causes of Construction Worker Fatalities

 Posted on June 15,2018 in Construction Accidents

Aurora construction accident injury lawyerWhen you think of dangerous workplaces, a construction site is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. By nature, construction is a hazardous profession. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported that in 2016, one in five worker deaths were in the construction industry. 

Construction’s “Fatal Four”

OSHA has defined four of the leading causes of worker deaths in the construction industry as the “fatal four.” These causes are:

  • Falls, which caused 38.7 percent of deaths;
  • Struck by object, which caused 9.4 percent;
  • Electrocutions, which caused 8.3 percent; and
  • Caught-in/between, which caused 7.3 percent.

These fatal four were responsible for more than half of construction-related worker deaths in 2016.


OSHA’s classification of falls includes falls on the same level and falls and jumps to lower levels. Falls to a lower level usually apply to instances when the injury is caused by the impact between the person and the surface of the lower level. The falls category also includes injuries caused by falls through surfaces or existing openings, falls on the same level due to tripping, and falls from collapsing structures.

Struck By Object

This classification involves injuries produced by forcible contact or impact when the motion producing the contact comes primarily from the object, not the person. This type of injury includes being struck by a vehicle, struck by a rolling object, struck by a falling object, and struck by a flying object. 


Electrocutions are classified as a part of the exposure to electricity category. This classification includes injuries resulting from direct or indirect contact with electricity. Direct exposure to electricity can result from contact with intentionally electrified objects, such as electric fences. Indirect exposure can include incidents such as a pipe coming into contact with a power line, or electricity being transmitted to a worker through water.


These types of injuries occur when a person or part of a person’s body is pinched, squeezed, crushed, or compressed in operating equipment, between other moving or stationary objects, or in wire or rope. This classification also includes injuries resulting when a person tries to free themselves after being caught, as well as people caught in motorized garage doors or gates.

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