Examining the True Impact of a Motor Vehicle Collision

 Posted on September 15, 2020 in Auto Accidents

IL crash lawyerEvery single year, there are an average of six million car accidents throughout the United States. While only a small number of motor vehicle collisions result in fatal injuries, the reality is that millions of Americans suffer injuries in car accidents each and every year. Unfortunately, the true impact of a motor vehicle collision can go far beyond the initial injuries suffered. If you or a family member have been injured in a car accident, it is important to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Personal Property Damage

First and foremost, ignoring the injury implications of a car accident, the vehicular damage suffered in a collision can be incredibly costly. Fortunately, a skilled and experienced legal professional can work to develop a fair and accurate settlement and apply the necessary pressure needed to ensure that the other party’s insurance company will pay for the damages. If you or a family member are suffering from injuries, you do not need to feel financial pressure from damage to your vehicle.

Loss of Work Hours

In many cases in which a person suffers a serious injury in a car accident, they will face some form of income loss. Whether your injuries require a long-term recovery and will hinder you from going to work, or you are forced to attend trials and other legal obligations after the accident, you should be prepared to face some income loss. Speaking with your attorney regarding your level of compensation and the number of hours lost, will provide your attorney with the possibility of including that income loss into the settlement.

Medical Expenses

The most common car accident injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and injuries to the spine. In all three instances, serious medical treatment is required. In many cases a broken bone will require a surgical procedure, a number of post-op medical visits, and significant rehabilitation. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to long-term cognitive issues that can compromise both your quality of life and ability to work. Spinal injuries almost always require some sort of rehabilitation regiment, and much like brain injuries can lead to long-term loss of income. A skilled attorney will calculate the long term implications of an injury into the settlement.

Contact an Aurora Car Accident Attorney

The reality of a car accident is that there are a number of variables that people fail to consider in the immediate aftermath of a collision. At Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Mazur, P.C., we are dedicated to helping our clients each and every step of the way in the days, months, and years following a serious collision. To schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable Kane County personal injury attorney, call us today at 630-907-0909.




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