Drivers May Be Distracted by Their Own Dashboards

illinois distracted driving accident lawyerYou have probably heard a lot about the dangers of cell phone use while driving. Obviously, if someone is cruising down the highway with one hand on the wheel, one hand holding a cell phone, and two eyes looking at a screen, there is likely to be a car accident. Distracted drivers kill over 3,000 people and injure almost 500,000 each year in the U.S. 

Cell phones are responsible for quite a large percentage of distracted driving accidents. Unfortunately, drivers of brand new vehicles may now have a completely new source of distraction - their own dashboards. Many car companies are now using built-in infotainment systems that are meant to reduce cell phone distraction. The question remains just how distracting these integrated systems may be. 

The Dangers of Integrated Distractions

New cars with integrated infotainment systems can do almost everything a cell phone can do, including helping the driver send a text message, navigate, or connect to the internet. Screens may be integrated into the dashboard so that drivers do not need to pick up their phones. Often, these infotainment systems are meant to be voice-controlled, but voice control is still far from a perfect technology. 

Risks associated with integrated infotainment systems in new vehicles include: 

  • False sense of security - Car companies love to advertise these systems as a safety feature. They claim that now drivers can safely text, change the music, or even google the weather report while driving. These messages may make drivers believe that there is no danger associated with using an infotainment system, lulling them into a false sense of security. A driver who is unaware that he is taking a risk is a dangerous driver. 

  • Voice control imperfection - Having a voice-controlled system in your car is kind of like having small children in the backseat - if you tell either to do something or to stop doing something and you get no response, odds are that you are going to take your eyes off the road to visually check on the situation. Drivers sending a voice text often still look at a screen to verify that the software heard them correctly. 

  • Overwhelming information - Drivers using modern infotainment systems can be easily overwhelmed and distracted by a barrage of information. Drivers should be able to focus on the road around them rather than trying to manage a million different controls and systems. 

Car companies claim that integrated infotainment systems are there for safety reasons, but they may instead be creating more distractions and greater danger for everyone involved. 

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