Common Causes of Holiday Parking Lot Accidents

 Posted on November 30, 2023 in Auto Accidents

DuPage County Personal Injury AttorneyThe holiday season is a festive time for many people. There are many social gatherings with family, friends, co-workers, and lots of gift-giving and Secret Santas. However, the holiday season is also a time when parking lots at shopping centers, malls, and retail outlets can become perilous places, resulting in increased risk of vehicle and pedestrian accidents. The following are some of the most frequent reasons parking lot accidents happen. Contact an Illinois personal injury attorney for legal assistance if you have been injured in an accident.

Increased Congestion

One of the primary factors contributing to holiday parking lot accidents is the surge in traffic and congestion. As shoppers flock to stores to purchase gifts, parking lots become overcrowded and chaotic. The influx of vehicles and limited parking spaces often leads to impatient and aggressive driving behavior.

Plan your shopping trips strategically. Consider going during off-peak hours when parking lots are less crowded. If possible, opt for online shopping or curbside pickup to avoid the hassles of parking lots altogether.

Distracted Driving

The prevalence of smartphones and other electronic devices has made distracted driving a significant concern in parking lots during the holiday season. Shoppers may be tempted to use their phones for texting, browsing, or navigating, taking their attention away from the road and increasing the risk of collisions.

Many drivers also become unaware of other vehicles and pedestrians because they are too focused on looking for a parking spot in an overcrowded parking lot.


The urgency to secure a parking spot or exit the parking lot quickly can lead some drivers to speed excessively. Speeding in parking lots is dangerous because it reduces reaction time and makes it more difficult to avoid collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Speed limits in parking lots are intentionally lower than on the main road to ensure safety. Motorists must drive cautiously, be prepared to stop suddenly if necessary, and exercise patience in crowded parking lots.

Backing-Up Collisions

Parking lots are notorious for backing-up accidents when drivers try to exit a parking space. Limited visibility while driving in reverse can result in fender benders and sometimes even lead to pedestrians being struck.

Before backing out, drivers need to take the time to check their mirrors, use their rearview camera if available, and look over their shoulders to ensure there are no obstacles or pedestrians behind them. Drivers should always proceed slowly and cautiously when backing up.

Contact a DuPage County, IL Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, no matter how careful a driver you are in parking lots, there are far too many other drivers who do not take the necessary steps to keep themselves and others safe. Anyone who has been injured in a parking lot accident should consider calling Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur P.C. at 630-907-0909 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our skilled Aurora, IL car accident lawyers and find out what legal recourse you may have against the party or parties who may be liable.

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