Children And Product Liability

Illinois child injury attorneysNo parent ever expects that a product or toy they purchase could injure or kill the child for which it is intended. Yet, every year, there are between 400 and 450 recalls of products in the interest of safety. In 2017, there were 251,700 injuries related to toys alone, as reported by emergency rooms to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Kids getting minor injuries related to playtime is unavoidable, but the negligence of a company and serious injury or death can be avoided.

How Do Recalls Work?

When a faulty product is discovered, it is the company’s job to report the defect to the government. You may recall seeing flyers around your regular retailer's about recalls. When a product is recalled, it is completely up to the consumer to follow through with reaching out to the company. Recalls are also listed on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website, where company contact information and remedies to the defect are also available. If a consumer ignores or is unaware of a recall, he or she is potentially putting themselves or loved ones in danger.

A recall can happen to may different kinds of products, but here are a couple of popular recalls regarding products for children:

Simplicity Cribs - A crib is supposed to be a safe place for your baby to sleep, but in 2010 a popular crib by Simplicity Inc. was recalled. The metal mattress supporter on these full-sized cribs had a tendency of snapping or breaking, which would cause the crib mattress to collapse. This risked suffocation, strangulation, and trauma to an infant. Aside from drop-side cribs that were recalled earlier, this applied to all make and models from Simplicity that included the metal support system.

Magnetix Toys - In 2006, a collection of toy sets that involved magnets were recalled due to easily ingestible magnetic parts and no warning label. The magnets would become loose from the plastic building pieces. There was only one reported death from this toy, but several intestinal injuries. Ingesting magnets can cause damage, due to the magnetic attraction that can go through tissue walls if opposite charges are swallowed. Over 1 million Magnetix sets were recalled.

Contact An Aurora Product Liability Attorney Today

The holidays have come and gone, and your family may have received gifts from loved ones for your children. If a product for your child has caused injury or death, contact an experienced Kane County product liability attorney to get the settlement you deserve for your family’s pain and suffering. Call 630-907-0909 to schedule a free consultation.



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