Can I Make a Product Liability Claim After a Car Crash?

 Posted on April 11,2024 in Product Liability

IL injury lawyerOften, careless or reckless driving is to blame for a car accident. If someone crashes into you, it is safe to assume that they made a mistake that caused this to happen. But imagine you are driving carefully, minding your own business, and taking care to observe all the traffic rules and regulations when suddenly you seem to lose control over the car, and you end up barreling into another car on the road. If this happened to you, it is possible that a faulty car part caused the accident and that you were not at fault. A qualified Kane County, IL product liability lawyer can review your case and offer invaluable guidance.

Faulty Car Parts That Can Cause a Crash

While cars are made up of countless parts and any number of them can have any number of issues at any time, the vast majority of faulty car parts fall under four major types:

  • Faulty electrical components: Electrical systems control things like a car’s lights and display panel. If you are driving at night and your headlights suddenly fail to operate, other cars may not see you and could end up colliding with you.
  • Faulty tires: Sometimes, a tire can suddenly burst, causing a car to lose control and possibly drive straight into other cars on the road or create a roadblock that others end up colliding with.
  • Faulty brakes: Without a way to safely stop your car, the chances are very high you will hit a car or something else on the road. 
  • Faulty steering: If the car’s steering stops corresponding to how you handle the steering wheel, you will likely be unable to avoid crashing into something or someone.

If you can demonstrate that your crash was caused by a faulty auto part, you might have a product liability case on your hands.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Aurora, IL Car Crash Lawyer

If your car seems to have caused a car accident but you are sure it was a faulty part rather than your driving that was responsible, you might have a valid product liability case. A skilled Kane County, IL personal injury attorney who has argued similar cases in the past can guide you through the process of an investigation to discover whether a product failure was truly to blame and get you the compensation you are entitled to. At Kinnally Flaherty Krentz Loran Hodge & Masur P.C., we offer free consultations so call 630-907-0909 to schedule yours and let us begin working on a plan to fight for your rights.

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