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When we hear “cosmetics” the first association is usually make-up. While lipstick, blush, and mascara are cosmetics, many other personal care products fall under the same umbrella concerning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Like any manufacturer, companies that produce personal care products have a responsibility to their consumers. When products are misbranded or contaminated, their customers suffer, and negligent companies need to be held responsible for a product liability lawsuit.
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Getting injured at home would not likely result in a personal injury case. However, if a person got hurt in the home of someone else, or another public or private property, they may have a case if there was negligence on the land owner’s part. A premise accident is when a property owner has legal responsibility for an accident that happens due to neglecting to provide a safe environment.
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Car accidents, no matter how small can have lasting effects on the people involved. A fender bender may make a more anxious driver, or a serious accident can cause traumatic injuries or death. No matter who is at fault of the accident, there are standard procedures one should take. These things will not only prevent further devastation, but they may also help with an insurance claim of personal injury case.
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Even with insurance, sometimes basic medical care can be expensive. When someone experiences a catastrophic injury, the financial expenses and rehabilitation can be hard to manage by an injured person and their family. When a person goes through an accident or becomes ill, because of work, their medical expenses can be covered through workers’ compensation insurance.
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