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Doctors are an important factor for our well being. When we are ill, they are a resource to turn to for care. In an ideal world, a doctor diagnoses exactly what is wrong in a minimally invasive way and is able to prescribe medicine to resolve the problem quickly. Doctors do not always get it right the first time but as long as the medical care is reasonable, and you start feeling better, there is usually no harm. However, if you have a sinking feeling that your doctor has been negligent with your care, you may have cause for medical malpractice.
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Sustenance is essential to our survival, and when we purchase food from a grocery store or a meal from a restaurant we want to believe it is safe to consume. A faulty good from a department store may cause external physical harm, but negligence in food production can lead to severe illness and death.
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In almost any industry, small injuries are expected. Even in an office job, an accident can occur. However, not every accident or injury is eligible for workers’ compensation. Anything that cannot be safely handled by a basic first aid kit could be eligible. When an injury occurs at work that threatens future work and pay, a family’s livelihood could be at jeopardy. This is why workers’ compensation laws are in place.
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