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When a person is attacked or injured by a dog, the results can be very serious. Some of the most terrifying attacks occur when a small child is mauled. Children tend to be attacked more often than adults; in fact, 70 percent of fatal dog attacks involve children. Tragically, the likelihood that the child will die as a result of the attack is also high.
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Pedestrians, in most situations, generally cross the street at specified and controlled locations, expecting that cars will obey the relevant traffic signals. When a driver fails to meet that expectation, the pedestrian is unable to move out of the way quickly enough to avoid being hit. Unprotected and vulnerable, pedestrians then become at risk for death or serious injury. Both are on the rise in Illinois, and throughout the United States. If one has happened to you or someone you love, the following can help you understand your rights, including your right to pursue fair compensation.
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Injuries happen everywhere on a daily basis. They occur at home, on the roadway, at school, and even at your workplace. No matter where they occur, there is often insurance coverage available to cover such injuries. By law in Illinois, insurance is required nearly everywhere, including by your employer.  This benefit is known as workers’ compensation insurance, and it covers a wide variety of situations should you find yourself a victim of a workplace injury.
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If you were to ask a group of people what time of the year has the most car accidents, the majority of the group would probably say during the winter months—especially in climates such as Illinois. Roads covered with snow, sleet, and ice, along with poor visibility, certainly contributes to many accidents, but statistics show that it is actually the summer months when motor vehicle accidents spike. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the month of May marks the beginning of the dangerous “summer” driving season
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