8 Tips for Avoiding Distracted Driving Car Accidents

8 Tips for Avoiding Distracted Driving Car Accidents

Kane County distracted driving accident lawyerDistracted driving is risky and dangerous. It is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States; in 2015, distracted driving led to crashes that claimed the lives of 3,477 people and caused 391,000 injuries. 

Distracted driving involves any activity that causes a driver to take their attention off the road. Eating, drinking, and talking to passengers are activities that often distract drivers, and cell phone use is one of the primary causes of distracted driving. In fact, about 660,000 drivers utilize their cell phones while driving during daylight hours every day in the U.S.  

Here are some tips on how you can avoid distracted driving:

  1. Anything that diverts your attention from driving is considered a distraction. Focus solely on driving, and watch for pedestrians and cyclists. While driving, your eyes should be on the road in front of you, and you should be checking your rearview and side mirrors regularly. 
  1. Do not adjust your seat, mirror, navigation, or sound system while driving. Make these necessary adjustments and set your navigation system before you begin driving. This way, you will not be fiddling with dials and buttons while driving. If there are other people in the car, let them help you with operating the car stereo or using the navigation system. 
  1. Do not use your cell phone while driving. Avoid making phone calls, sending text messages, making an internet search, or composing an email while behind the wheel. You may think that you are an excellent multitasker, but even a momentary distraction can cause you to injure yourself and others. Turning off your phone or putting it on silent will minimize the temptation of using it while driving. 
  1. Do not eat messy food that requires you to wipe your hands. Try to eat before or after you drive. 
  1. Brushing your hair, shaving, or applying makeup while driving are considered distractions. Take care of personal grooming at home. 
  1. Secure your loose possessions. Taking care of any items that may move while driving will ensure that you will not be trying to grab items that are rolling around in the car. 
  1. If necessary, pull over. If something needs to be urgently taken care of, such as an important phone call, park your vehicle in a safe place first. 
  1. Driving while drowsy is highly dangerous. Drowsiness can increase the risk of an accident by about four times. Drowsy driving is a significant issue in the U.S. About 37 percent of U.S. drivers have fallen asleep or have nodded off behind the wheel. If you are sleepy, pull over to rest rather than trying to get to your destination faster.

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