5 Industries With the Most Workplace Injuries in Illinois

 Posted on May 14,2018 in Workers' Compensation

Aurora, IL work injury lawyer hazardous industriesWork-related injuries can be preventable with proper precautions and safety measures, but unfortunately, they are not uncommon--accidents do happen. In the state of Illinois, an estimated 137,500 non-fatal workplace injuries were recorded in 2016 for all industries. Certain industries tend to be more dangerous than others, but understanding which industries carry the most dangers can help you take precautions.

1. Educational and Health Services

Though it may surprise some people, the educational and health services industry has the largest number of workplace injuries in Illinois. An estimated 24,300 injuries were reported in the industry in 2016. This industry includes educational institutions like schools, universities, educational support services, hospitals, and nursing facilities. Most of the injuries reported in this industry were falls, trips, and overexertion.

2. Manufacturing

Not as much of a surprise, the manufacturing industry is second on the list with about 20,200 reported workplace injuries in 2016. This industry consists of almost every type of manufacturing, including food and beverage manufacturing, textile mills, petroleum and coal products manufacturing, paper mills, and electronics manufacturing. These jobs deal with heavy machinery that requires a certain level of skill and expertise to operate, which may be a reason why the injury rate is so high.

3. Retail Trade

Retail trade ranks in at number three on the list, with an estimated 14,300 workplace injuries occurring. The retail trade sector includes workers in various types of stores, supplies dealers, and gasoline stations. The vast majority of injuries reported were either falls, trips, being struck with an object, or overexertion. 

4. Leisure, Entertainment, and Hospitality

The leisure, entertainment, and hospitality industry reported that there were 12,800 non-fatal workplace injuries in 2016. The industry consists of workplaces such as museums, amusement parks, performing arts, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Falls, contact with an object, and overexertion were the most reported injuries.

5. Transportation and Warehousing

Transportation and warehousing consists of air, rail, and water transportation, transit and ground passenger transportation, postal service, and warehousing and storage. There were an estimated 10,700 injuries that were reported in 2016, the majority of which were caused by falls, contact with an object, overexertion, and transportation incidents.

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