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IL injury lawyerAfter any serious accident is a time of uncertainty. Luckily after an accident that happened at work, there are protections to alleviate some of the anxiety a serious injury can cause. It is a person’s legal right to file for workers’ compensation after a work accident, and certain benefits will be available based on the severity of the injury.

With a personal injury case, such as a car accident, to receive compensation for damages a person must sue the other involved party. With a workers’ compensation laws, an employee cannot sue an employer for an injury obtained while on the job. Instead, the employee will file for workers’ compensation. All employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance if an employee gets hurt. Workers’ compensation provides benefits such as pay for missed wages and medical care after a workplace injury.

If a workplace injury can be taken care of with a basic first aid kit, then it will not qualify for workers’ compensation. Filing for workers’ compensation means that an employee cannot work for a short or long time due to an injury, or has been developed an occupational disease. When a worker cannot return to their job, their benefits are categorized by the following:

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IL injury lawyerFor an able-bodied person full-time in the workforce, becoming disabled may be an uncomfortable thought. Although many disabled people live happy and healthy lives, becoming disabled is an adjustment. In some cases, a newly disabled person may need modifications to their home, lifestyle, and working conditions. Luckily if an accident or incident that caused a permanent disability occurred at work, employees have certain protections under workers’ compensation.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

When an employer in Illinois starts a business, they are most likely required to have a workers' compensation insurance for their employees. No matter how small a business is, or how many employees they have, it is required by law. This insurance protects workers in the event of an injury that prevents them from working long or short term. When a claim is accepted, workers’ compensation covers lost wages from time away from work and medical expenses.

When a person is injured and cannot return to work, it is determined if they have a permanent or temporary disability. This is after the said employee has a medical evaluation and a doctor determines the prognosis of an injury. A temporary disability is something that a worker can either fully recover from, or recover enough to return to work in eventual time. A good example of temporary disability is a broken leg. When a person is deemed permanently disabled, they will not be able to recover from the injury, and may not be able to return to the workforce.

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IL work injury lawyerAfter experiencing a work-related injury that prevents you from working, your next concerns may be how you are going to pay for medical bills and support yourself. Most workers in Illinois have the right workers’ compensation, and if you suffer from an accident or have developed a disease from working conditions, you may be entitled to the benefits.

What Benefits Do Workers Compensation Provide?

If a person is injured during their line of work and the injury is more than a basic first aid kit could handle, they may be eligible for benefits. Workers’ compensation protects workers by providing compensation for work-related injuries or illnesses. Examples of this may include falling from a ladder on a construction site, developing carpal tunnel from an office job, or being diagnosed with cancer after working with hazardous materials at work. Workers’ Compensation provides medical care after the fact and the replacement of lost wages.

The more severe an injury is, the more payout a person can expect. There are four categories in which a person can expect to collect workers’ compensation: temporary and permanent disability, and total and partial disability A temporary disability is when someone is expected to heal, and a permanent disability is when a person has reached maximum medical recovery, and will not heal further. The difference between total and partial disability is that total means that a person cannot return to the workforce at all, and a person with a partial disability can return to work in some capacity.

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