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IL injury lawyerThroughout the United States, tens of thousands of motorcyclists are involved in motor vehicle collisions each and every year. Tragically, according to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,985 motorcyclists were fatally injured in accidents throughout 2018 alone. Injuries tend to be more severe among motorcyclists in collisions involving a standard motor vehicle because of the lack of protection they have. If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle collision, it is time to seek legal assistance.

Negligence and Motorcycling

Due to the exciting nature of motorcycling, some motorcyclists operate their vehicle in a negligent or reckless manner. The most common forms of motorcycle negligence include swerving in between lanes of traffic, riding at excessive speeds, following other vehicles too closely, and illegally passing. These forms of negligence can lead to both rear-end and head-on collisions. If a motorcyclist is swerving in and out of lanes of traffic, it can make spotting the motorcyclist more difficult for other drivers. It should also be noted that drinking and driving is an increasingly common form of motorcycle negligence. According to the NHTSA, an incredible 28% of motorcyclists killed throughout 2017, were legally drunk.

Securing Compensation

Unfortunately, because of the above statistics, there is a prejudice by the general public that a motorcyclist who has been injured in a crash must have caused the accident. The reality is that the majority of motorcycle drivers are keenly aware of the dangers and operate in a safe manner. The majority of crashes are actually caused by other drivers and not motorcyclists.

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IL injury lawyerThroughout the United States, rear-end collisions are the most common form of motor vehicle accidents. While most people think that rear-end collisions only result in minor vehicular damage and no injuries, nearly 500,000 of the 2 million annual rear-end collisions nationwide result in injury. Equally concerning is the fact that an average of 1,700 Americans die each year in rear-end collisions. Below we will examine some of the most common injuries associated with rear-end collisions, as well as discussing the importance of seeking legal consultation in the aftermath of an accident.

Severe Rear-End Collision Injuries

Due to the fact that a rear-end collision often takes a victim by surprise, the injuries can be increasingly severe. Even if you are able to walk away from the accident, it wise to seek out medical attention. One of the most common injuries associated with rear-end collisions is a concussion. In many instances, a person suffering from a traumatic brain injury will not experience symptoms of the injury for some time, but if left untreated a concussion can come with long-term health ramifications. If you are experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, or a headache, you need to seek out medical attention immediately.

In other instances, the symptoms of a serious injury will show up immediately after a rear-end collision. Injuries such as broken ribs, damage to the spine, and other bone fractures, can cause immediate discomfort. Due to the jerking motion associated with most rear-end collisions, spinal cord injuries are some of the most common injuries in rear-end accidents. Whether you have suffered from a spinal cord fracture or are experiencing minor whiplash symptoms you may still face loss of income, significant medical expenses, and chronic pain. Fortunately, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can work to ensure that you and your family receive the compensation you need to recover from any and all injuries suffered.

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Il injury lawyerA premises accident can happen anywhere, and under the right circumstances, the property owner can be held responsible for injuries or damages. After being injured at someone’s home or business, a victim may not know where to turn or even know they are eligible for compensation. Like a car accident or medical malpractice, when negligence is involved, a person injured on the property of another may be able to get restitution for their pain and suffering.

What Is Negligence?

When a person does not act with reasonable care towards a situation and a person gets injured, they can be held responsible for being negligent. For any personal injury cases, such as a premises accident, negligence must be proved. To prove negligence, there must be a duty to establish for the property owner to maintain under law, refusing to provide maintain that standard, and an injury with damage caused by inaction. For example, if there is a wet spot in a grocery store and no effort was made to clean up the spill or warn patrons, the store owner may be held liable if someone slips and breaks a bone.

Not all unsafe properties, dog bites, or slippery surfaces are treated the same. The invitation status of a person on a property is another factor of whether someone can sue for personal injury. If a person is a licensee, such as a customer, or an invited party, then the property owner is expected to uphold reasonable safety accommodations. While this does that guarantee the absolute safety of invited parties, the property owner can be held responsible if they knew about an issue and refused to act.

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IL accident lawyerCar accidents, no matter how small can have lasting effects on the people involved. A fender bender may make a more anxious driver, or a serious accident can cause traumatic injuries or death. No matter who is at fault of the accident, there are standard procedures one should take. These things will not only prevent further devastation, but they may also help with an insurance claim of personal injury case.

The very first step after getting into a car accident may depend on the severity of the situation. If after an accident, you are in immediate danger, get to safety if possible, and then call 911. If the accident happened and you are not in direct traffic and the car is safe to remain in, calling 911 should be the first step. Even for minor accidents where no one is hurt, calling the police is still recommended. An insurance company will want an accident report when you file a claim, and it is documentation that the accident happened.

While waiting for a police officer to arrive at the scene, collect insurance information from the other driver. When you file a claim, the insurance companies will decide which side pays damages. For the person who caused the accident, their insurance company would likely pay. Examples of this would be if the driver was texting and driving, driving while intoxicated, or driving recklessly.

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