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How Do You Know You Can Trust Your Doctor?

Kane County doctor malpractice attorneyWhen you receive medical treatment, you put a great deal of trust in your doctor. Unfortunately, there are far too many cases where individuals have been seriously injured or killed because of a misdiagnosis or other medical error by their doctors. To decrease the likelihood of medical malpractice, it is best to choose a doctor who will give you their undivided attention and listen to your questions and concerns.

How to Find the Right Doctor

Finding the doctor who will meet your specific needs can be very difficult. However, there are five basic criteria that a good doctor should meet:

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Kane County medical malpractice attorneysPlanning for a hospital stay can be a very anxious time under the best of circumstances. Not fully understanding your rights while under the care of the hospital, however, may lead to additional medical issues giving way to a possible hospital malpractice lawsuit.

Establishing Patient Rights

In 1973, the American Hospital Association’s House of Delegates implemented the Patient’s Bill of Rights as a measure to not only protect the patient but also medical providers as well. The guidelines were designed to encourage effective health care by strengthening the collaboration between patients and their medical team. They were also employed to open lines of honest communication and to elevate levels of respect between both patients and medical professionals.

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